Wednesday, July 14, 2010

0518: The Atomic Brain

MST3k, Experiment #0518

What About Juvenile Delinquency? A band of no-good punks beat a guy for driving too slow and steal his mechanical pencil, before arriving to pick up their missing member Jamie, the son of the man they've just beaten. Twist!

Chained... to the devil's love lab! The Atomic Brain.

Mrs. March, sadistic, selfish, and rich, uses her aging gigolo boyfriend and renegade scientist Otto Frank, whose illegal experiments she is subsidizing in her Gothic mansion, in a plan to transplant her brain into the body of a young woman. Three foreign domestics: Mexican Anita, British Bea, and Austrian Nina, are hired. Frank's mysterious and unexplained use of radiation can inexplicably transplant brains without surgery. After he puts a cat's brain into Anita and she literally scratches out Bea's eye, Nina becomes the prospective receptacle for Mrs. March's aging but still active libido.

This episode is rather drab. There, I said it. Not to say there weren't plenty of funny moments... it's just that almost all of them were Mike and the bots singing along with the incidental music, or the myriad of age jokes. Those are great, but as a whole, this is a relatively bland episode. It took me up til 20 minutes from the end to pick even one line for a potential favourite.

The invention exchange is actually the funniest part of the whole episode. The bots mock the mads, and the mads mock right back... You can tell they were either running out of invention ideas with Joel gone, or they just got plain sick of the whole concept... or both. My bet is on both. It's one of the most brilliant exchanges (pun!) they've had on this show during the eleven(11) year run.

I quite enjoyed the letters at the end actually as well, but only because of Servo's answer to what the "k" in "MST3k" stood for: "Karl, the man who invented lightning."

One note on the DVD release of this, very clearly demonstrating the sort of problems the Brains AND fans had with Rhino over the DVD sets, comes from Satellite News:

One of the biggest controversies between Rhino and the fans (and BBI) arose when this volume came out. The Rhino version does not have the stinger. Best Brains says they are certain that the master they sent to Rhino had the stinger. Rhino representatives are equally adamant that there was no stinger on the master. Somebody’s lying. We may never know who.

I wouldn't say avoid this episode, but I wouldn't really suggest hunting this one down unless you're a completist.

Favourite line: " the time I read this, you'll be dead."

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