Monday, July 19, 2010

0520: Radar Secret Service

MST3k, Experiment #0520

Last Clear Chance. Friendly Patrolman Hal Jackson visits the Dixon family to instruct their youngest son, Alan, in the art of safe and courteous driving. He relates many grisly tales of various young drivers, his main advice being to pay attention, but Alan's older brother Frank Jr. isn't listening, and drives with his girlfriend Betty into the path of an oncoming train while turning around and waving at the car behind him.

Radar Secret Service.

In post-WWII America,Radar has been developed to such an extent that law enforcement agencies, seated in their headquarters, can twist a few dials and bring in, on a small television screen, a crisp picture of a roving stock-footage truck carrying uranium material, highly coveted by foreign powers in order to make atomic bombs and blow up the U.S.A. This advanced version of Radar can follow the car occupied by the crooks out to hijack the truck, and also the police car pursuing them after they hijack the truck. But, alas, this can only be done when the atomic material is in motion, and has little value when the crooks park the truck. So the lawmen have to send in a female mole posing as a moll.

This episode starts off with one of the more popular shorts. I never knew it was this popular until somewhat recently, but I've always been a huge fan of it. When my sister was learning to drive, I'd make the "fast dinging and train going by" noise and then state "Why don't they look?" and it made her scared to death of rail crossings for a while. The best part of the short is, of course, the host segment immediately following. I really think this is in the top five(5) segments of the entire series, but of course, it wouldn't make so much sense without the short... and the short itself is great, but the segment makes it that much better.

I guess this is the episode in which they seem to have officially given up on the invention exchange, and none too soon either!

On to the movie... I absolutely love how retarded this movie is!! Just the concept that pretty much anything can be done with the help of radar just goes to show how little anyone really knew about radar. They seem pretty proud of it, and the movie itself even goes so far as to state "Why don't we just go home and let radar do it all for us?" I am pretty shocked, however, that they never did a host segment about all the many, many things you can do with radar. So many uses, I'm sure they could have come up with something entertaining... but I guess, with the movie doing it all FOR us... well, the movie is kind of like radar too.

I always remember that I love this episode, but it's never until I watch it again that I remember really just how MUCH I love it. I've seen this one so many times, but it still has me crying from laughing every time. Definitely one of the best of the series, in my opinion.

Favourite line: "We all have the right to remain silent!"

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