Tuesday, July 20, 2010

0521: Santa Claus

MST3k, Experiment #0521

At Last a Movie That's All About Him! Santa Claus.

Santa Claus, high above the North Pole in his cloud-borne castle equipped with more surveillance devices than the Impossible Mission Force, prepares to deliver presents on Christmas night. Santa is especially interested in helping Lupita, the daughter of a poor family who wants nothing more than a doll; and a young boy whose parents are so wealthy they never spend any time with him. However, the Devil will have none of this and sends his minion, Pitch, to foil Santa's plans. Pitch in turn recruits three Naughty Boys to help him set traps for Santa.

Joike. That may very well be my favourite little gag of the entire series. Gypsy made a sweater to give Mike for Christmas, but she started it when "the old guy" was here... so it came out "Joike." My girlfriend has told me that she wants to name our first-born "Joike" and she will never hear any complaints from me. Sure, my mother would probably complain, but not before saying "Excuse me? You have to get married first..."

Alright, so we have another holiday episode... and this time, we get two(2), count 'em two(1... 2...) songs. The first is yet another of the fun little "rock band" songs, this time under the band name "Santa Klaws" ... I actually quite enjoy this one. I think they should have been a bit more bold with it, but it's still a fun song. The funniest part is Dr. Forrester's initial reaction shot, followed immediately by him joining TV's Frank in the excitement of the coming rock show. The second song is an overly politically correct holiday song called "Merry Christmas…If That’s Okay." This one stands up there right next to "A Patrick Swayze Christmas" as another classic.

The movie is retarded... Just horrifically stupid... and it's a fantastic episode with incredible riffing. I really enjoy every holiday-themed episode they've done, and this is no exception.

I really enjoyed the little documentary on the DVD about the movie and the riffing process of it. The interviews with Kevin and Paul especially were great... almost as fun as the episode itself.

Special notice goes to Paul Chaplin as Pitch in the closing segment. And a fabulous line of "I'm here to eat candy canes and kick some ass... and I'm all out of candy canes!"

Favourite line: "Oh. It all makes sense now."

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