Wednesday, July 21, 2010

0522: Teen-Age Crime Wave

MST3k, Experiment #0522

The screen-scorching story of today's immoral youth! Teen-Age Crime Wave.

17-year-old Jane Koberly is at the scene of a hold-up committed by Terry Marsh, Mike Denton and Al. Mike and Al escape. Although innocent, Jane is convicted of the robbery, and she and Trry are sentenced to a juvenile correction home. A guard and a matron are assigned to drive the girls to the home, but they are intercepted by Mike who kills the guard. Janes is forced to accompany the criminals as they escape and then wreck their car. They take refuge at the farm house of Thomas and Sarah Grant and their son, Ben. The police make a house-to-house search, but Grant, fearing his family's safety, reveals nothing. Al, driving to the rescue of the fugitives, is shot and killed. Mike and Terry force Jane and Ben into a car and head for the highway. With the police in pursuit, they are forced to abandon the car near an observatory.

This episode actually is kind of drab. The host segments are nothing to squawk about, except maybe the Doughy Guys bit. The riffs are pretty funny throughout, but not incredible... Oddly though, I found this enitre episode very entertaining. I haven't felt this entertained at the end of an episode in quite a while. Maybe it was because I hadn't seen it in a while... or maybe it was because the movie itself was actually kind of enjoyable. Not to say the movie was GOOD... just enjoyable. Either way, when the end of this episode came, I realised that I didn't feel bored or disappointed by ANY of it.

The best part of the episode is, of course, the end credits. Sure, I know I am a sucker for end credit bits, but Frank is as brilliant in this one as he was in Daddy-O. It just kills me every time.

Now, as I said before, despite the kinda bland nature of this episode, it still is very enjoyable and shouldn't be overlooked by ANY means. It's a testament that even the least creative episodes of this show can still be insanely funny.

Favourite line: "There's a whole other room in there!"

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