Friday, July 23, 2010

0523: Village of The Giants

MST3k, Experiment #0523

See them burst out of their clothes and bust up a town! Village of The Giants.

A young kid named Genius accidentally invents a substance that causes all animal life to grow. Genius' sister Nancy and her boyfriend Mike see the money making potential in the substance dubbed goo and plan to sell it to help solve the world's food problem. Unfortunately, a greedy young opportunist named Fred and the group of delinquents he hangs around with decide to steal the goo and use it for their own purposes. They soon change their minds and decide to eat the goo themselves and grow to gigantic proportions and decide to take over the town. They then kidnap the sheriff's daughter and later Nancy as insurance to make sure that they get what they want. It is now up to Genius and Mike to either come up with more goo to enable Mike and his friends to grow and take on Fred and his gang or to find an antidote to shrink Fred and his gang back down to size.

This is one of the great episodes. It has everything you can ask for in an episode... The host segments all have an unified storyline, there's Torgo, a song, lots of TV's Frank, and of course lots of incredible riffs over a stupid star-studded movie.

So, TV's Frank gets fired... and Dr. Forrester hires Torgo in his place. Mike has always been great at the random characters, but this is one of his best really... He's appeared as Torgo a few times before, but here we see much more of him, and Mike really gets to show just how great he is at the role. I've seen plenty of people act out Torgo, but no one does it to the perfection that Mike can.

Frank of course is not gone, by any means... He lounges around on the sofa watching TV, he moves into the storage closet... he even tries to get a job up on the S.O.L. And then there's the song: "The Greatest Frank of Them All" is a fabulous little song written by Mike and his future wife (well, future back then, now they're married) Bridget.

The movie has Tommy Kirk, little Ronny Howard and Beau Bridges, amongst others (like Toni Basil)... It's a really dumb movie, but it makes for great jokes.  The riffs are fantastic, and I had a hard time picking out a favourite. The runner up was "Oh good. This is still going on..." and I found that one funny enough that I had to post it, despite picking the one below as my absolute favourite.

I actually toured all of the studios in Hollywood a couple decades ago... so I have actually set foot in pretty much ALL the locations they shot, from the Courtyard Square from Back To The Future, to the Leave It To Beaver street. I was there and stood in those spots. This has nothing to do with my review, but I just wanted to state it because I think that's pretty cool. :)

Anyways, another great episode... I really enjoyed this one.

Favourite line: "Why is she spray painting the spider?"

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