Friday, July 30, 2010

0603: The Dead Talk Back

MST3k, Experiment #0603

The Selling Wizard. A boring promotional film for grocery-store freezer cases, brought to you by Anheuser-Busch.

The Dead Talk Back.

Eccentric scientist/metaphysician Henry Krasker is asked to assist in solving the murder of one of his housemates by attempting to contact her spirit beyond the grave.

I love this episode. I hate the movie, hate the short... but I LOVE this episode. I think it's also because I kinda hate The Grateful Dead too.

The host segments are the best part of this episode... The riffing is great too, sure, but the segments are awesome! I love to randomly toss in "...and then the MOON came out and it was like Jerry WILLED it!" whenever I can, especially when I am sure someone is just pretending to listen to me. Crow's guitar solo drags on and on through several segments and into the end credits...

...but MY favourite bit is the opening of the show. I've made it no secret that I enjoy any host segment that involves the host (be it Mike or Joel) and the bots just roaming in and out of the shot, wandering past the camera, and so on. In the opening segment, Gypsy calls a fire drill, and they go around in circles slowly tromping through the static shot several times. I absolutely love it when they do that!!!

Anyways, yeah... an episode where the riffs and the host segments alone keep it alive... Still worth watching, in my opinion.

Favourite line: "God, I love water."

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