Monday, July 26, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010

Alright, as many of you may (or may not) already know, I spent the past few days live-tweeting the HELL out of the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.  As most of you are already aware... I did not actually attend the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.  Yet, I almost continually insisted I was there, all while posting all the fun, exciting and sometimes outlandish things I saw and did there.

Here is the entire non-event, through my rather over-active imagination.  Enjoy!!!


And so it begins. I just tripped over a midget dressed as Darth Vader.

He tried to kick me in the nuts but he could only reach my shin.

I punted the midget and he's crying. Now to find the Monster booth.

I only thought people dressed as the Village People for Halloween and gay rights parades.

Apparently I'm not the ONLY guy who came dressed as Rainbow Brite!! Solidarity.

Either I just met Ozzy, or it was Sarah Silverman with a mouthful of Skittles.

I just want a hot dog! Why can't I just find a hot dog?!?

I thought I found a hot dog, but it turned out to be tofurkey. Why do they have tofurkey at Comic Con?!

I am standing here, double-fisting energy drinks... I see 18 Batmen all at once. I can't tell if I am just seeing things.

I just met the cast of Firefly... Oh how I love me some Glau.

If anyone knows where the TV Land booth is, I really want some Mr. Ed stickers...

I got my roto-comets. Gonna take down Olivia Munn for @SpookyJanelle

One of the roto-comets misfired and blew up the Sesame Street booth... Oops.

The explosion scared a whole group of WOW nerds... Wet pants all around. Sorry guys.

I may have missed Munn, but it's hard to tell with all the chaos and smoke.

I'm hanging out at the Fox News booth... For some reason there aren't many people here.

Glenn Beck's paying people to get his autograph.

For some reason, he's also dressed as Rainbow Brite. Solidarity.

Well I think that's it for me for today. Got groped by way too many guys. Gonna find a new costume tomorow.

Had a good day 1 tho. Blew up Munn... Made some WOW fans cry... Kicked a midget... Met Glenn Beck...


Okay Twytre, preparing my new costume for today. Apparently Rainbow Brite was a BAD idea for a guy to wear...

I have decided my new costume for today at Comic Con will be @colestratton ... The Twytre account, not Cole himself.

Alright, headed out dressed as @colestratton ... First to buy some more energy drinks!!

Got me some Go Girl energy drinks, and now I face the madness!!

Well, I'm here and I'm in... Already see three guys dressed as @colestratton 's Twytre account. *sigh*

I'm in line for the "Pong" panel. Apparently it's going to be moderated by Charlie Sheen.

I never figured so many people would remember the old Pong movie!! This is so refreshing!!!

They have the original cast!! Both Martin Sheen AND Annette Bening! I am so excited!!

I wonder what this big Pong announcement is that they're all excited about...

OMG!!! They're making "Pong, Too"!!! The sequel to "Pong: The Motion Picture"!!!

Coming 2012, both Sheen and Bening reprising their roles as Pong and Ping... With Charlie Sheen playing their son!

A whole 30 years after the first Pong movie, and we get a sequel finally!!! This is gonna be amazing!! *excited*

So much excitement for one day. I'm gonna go grab some tofurkey dogs for lunch!!

Well, I had a tofurkey dog eating contest with a guy dressed as Hurley from Lost. I won! Take THAT fake Hurley!

Apparently they don't like it when you wander behind a table and start signing autographs. Sorry Metallica.

I just got accosted by a storm trooper on a pogo stick. I guess he's not a fan of @colestratton ...

Did anyone just hear the fire alarm for a second... I needed a diversion to escape the Twilight fans.

Just took a picture for 19 people all dressed up like Smurfs... I have nothing left to live for.

Hanging out with Bob The Angry Flower himself... Having a long talk about the oil leak.

Why does Rod Stewart have his own booth??

Okay, heading for a nap before the big "Lost: Zombie Season" premiere screening tonite...

I saw at least eight people dressed as @colestratton 's Twytre profile.

Going to find another new costume for tomorrow...

No one told me there was a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi table!!! *glee*

I just saw a Ghostbuster making out with the chick from Avatar... I don't even want to think of the children.

Well that was a rather long but insightful panel on how to cook tofurkey hot dogs...

I wonder what the deal is this year with Comic Con and tofurkey... I am beginning to think they've sold out.

I think I need more Go Girls before the Lost screening.

Okay, got some Go Girls and a few ring pops... Now to head over to the Rave table and grab some E and a glowstick.

I just found Kevin Pollack. Poor guy is lost... I think I'll get his autograph.

KP and I just knocked down a group of nerds dressed as bowling pins. They were asking for it.

Alright, now KP and I are in line for the Lost screening of the season 7 premier. Pollack's a pretty hip guy.

At the Lost screening... Got stuck sitting next to Heidi Montag... Or a statue of her... Not quite sure which.

Alright, Darlton is up giving the intro to the screening... It's so good to see a new season of Lost coming!!

That was amazing! Four words: Zombie Nicki and Paulo.

Kevin Pollack and I are gonna go hang out at WalMart for a bit and then I'll head back to the hotel for the night.

Had a great second day... KP is as excited about "Pong Too" as I am!!!

Tomorrow I will have a new costume. Too many people dressed as @colestratton and I don't want to get pogo'd again.


Randomly met up with a guy dressed as Sookie this morning and went to Denny's... Now I am back at #sdcc

My costume today is Walt Disney... Riding a unicycle. Yes, I plan to ride this unicycle around the place and twete.

I really wish I had learned how to ride a unicycle. I just fell off by the Futurama table.

I found Waldo. He's hanging out at the Rock Band booth.

Just rode thru a fight between the crew of the Enterprise and a bunch of Jedi... All Spock said was "Odd"

Just attended a panel on Care Bears... Now for more tofurkey before the next event.

I do believe they've made a tofurkey convert. ComicCon, your secret goal is successful.

What do they put in this stuff to make it so tofurkeylicious??

I just walked into a room FILLED with people dressed as Spiderman. I think they might be planning something...

I alerted security about the Spiderman issue... They just winked and said "He does whatever a spider can..."

I think the security is in on it... I need to round up the storm troopers to help defend Comic Con.

The storm troopers pushed me off my unicycle. Crushed the sandwiches in my pocket.

Today has been pretty uneventful, but I really enjoyed the Care Bears panel.

I am quite worried about the oncoming Spiderman revolt/invasion though.

I found a couple of Romulans that will help me defend Comic Con from the Spidermen.

More Comic Con tofurkey dogs for dinner... Then some more Go Girls... God, I love tofurkey!

I am gonna trade my unicycle in for some stilts tho... Keep falling off.

I never thought I'd find myself eating at a table with both Raggedy Ann and Paddington Bear.

I wasn't sure they'd get along with my new Romulan friends, but they hit it off pretty well...

Comic Con: bringing furries, superheroes, and space aliens together in harmony. Except for the Spidermen of course.

My new Romulan and storybook friends are all going to play a big game of capture the flag. I am gonna join.

Does anyone know if the guy with the pen was dressed as Spiderman?! This could be the start of the revolution.

OMG! Mandy Moore is here playing capture the flag with us!! Totally gonna capture her flag...

Totally kicked ass at capture the flag!! Tackled Mandy Moore into the mud, and Paddigton Bear dove on top.

Alright had another great Comic Con day. Think I'm gonna call it a weekend though, before the Spidermen invade.

But first, I am gonna grab some more tofurkey with Paddington Bear and Mandy Moore. I think I might be able to set them up on a date.

Mandy Moore, Paddington Bear, a Romulan and I are now heading to 30-some-odd flavours for some malts.


Well, I have decided I am officially done with my live tweets from Comic Con... Was thinking of carrying on into tomorrow, but meh.

I pretty much just do stuff until it starts to annoy me... or at least become more a hassle than it's worth. I had a good run. 2.5 days.

I did a lot: Kicked a midget dressed as Darth Vader, blew up Sesame Street, tried to kill Olivia Munn, met Glenn Beck and Summer Glau

Dressed up as Cole's profile, chugged a ton of Go Girls, found out about the new Pong movie, won an eating contest, pissed off Metallica

Saw a lot of Smurfs, hung out with Kevin Pollack, sat next to Heidi Montag at the Lost season 7 screening, rode a unicycle...

Found Waldo, met some Care Bears, discovered a secret Spiderman plot to overthrown Comic Con, got in a few fights with storm troopers...

Met some Romulans and Paddington Bear, tackled groped and generally accosted Mandy Moore, and then went to get a malt with her and P. Bear.

And sweet jeans, we can't forget all the tofurkey... mmm delicious tofurkey... I'd say it was the most successful (non)-Comic Con EVER!!!

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