Wednesday, August 04, 2010

0606: The Creeping Terror

MST3k, Experiment #0606

The Creeping Terror.

A creature that looks like a cross between a Chinese dragon puppet and the Pope sucks up people into its maw. A sheriff, his wife, and a "handsome" scientist battle it to the end, with a sub plot about the evils of bachelorhood.

This has always been one of my favourite episodes.

The movie is just a dreck-fest, with a miserable plot, horrible costumes, bad acting... and a bunch of people climbing into the mouth of the "monster." My favourite scene from the movie is when the guy at the dance PUSHES his girlfriend towards the monster and practically helps her into its mouth. Sure, they could have just walked slowly towards the door in fear, but instead, they inch their way to the monster and climb in.

The host segments are all fantastic. I always giggle like a lunatic at the Love American Style mock... but my favourite has to be Mike standing there listening to the song from the movie. Nothing happens on that sketch... just Mike... standing... happily listening to old band music from the film.... for a long time. It may have been just simple filler, due to the need of a few extra minutes on the episode, but I love the hell out of stupid simple bits of nothing!

I really can't think of much wrong with this episode. I do have a bit of a problem with Rhino's authoring, seeing as how I had the volume cranked up and still couldn't hear the movie. That happened a LOT with the earlier Rhino releases, but I think they fixed a lot of that later on. I actually wouldn't be opposed to Shout! re-releasing these early DVD releases once they run short of episodes. I for one would NOT be opposed to double dipping for better quality copies of some of these.

Anyways, pick up a copy of this one, because even despite the low volume, it's still one of the best episodes of the series. A true classic!

Favourite line: "Your wife!!"

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