Sunday, August 08, 2010

0608: Code Name: Diamond Head

MST3k, Experiment #0608

A Day At The Fair. A farming family prepares for their yearly trip to the Indiana State Fair, both to show off their wares and suckle from the teat of the 3-H Club.

Code Name: Diamond Head.

A failed Quinn Martin pilot for a series starring a Hawaii-based government counter intelligence agency run by the indomitable Aunt Mary. In this, his only adventure, Diamond Head has to prevent the evil Tree from stealing a deadly nerve toxin gas and selling it to foreign powers. To help Diamond Head is the Dragon Lady and Zulu.

This episode really isn't my favourite. I just really can't get excited about this one. The short is good, and the riffing is funny throughout. Had a few favourite lines... but it's still kinda droll.

Maybe it's the very obviously failed TV movie pilot... but I really think it's the host segments. I'm just not a fan of them on this episode. All they are is a bunch of "what if Mike was an imitation of someone else?" bits... and most of them fall flat. The first was kinda funny, but the rest were all just bland and felt kind of thrown together at the last minute. As if they didn't even ask if Mike knew what he was imitating, they just decided spur of the moment and threw wigs on him.

I do have to admit that I LOVED the Hawaiian Punch bit. That was the one part of the episode I absolutely loved. It actually made me want to go buy some, really. The build up to the very obvious punchline is great too, considering how long they drag it on...

My thoughts: They were all either too tired, sick or busy to write much for this episode and simply decided to just fill time. They padded their episode.

Favourite line: "I want you to go all out. Use the station wagon."

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