Tuesday, August 10, 2010

0609: The Skydivers

MST3k, Experiment #0609

Why Study The Industrial Arts? Joe and the Coach double-team to explain to a high-school student disparaging shop class the many and varied uses for Industrial Arts in all aspects of modern life.

Thrill jumping guys... thrill seeking gals... daring death with every leap! The Skydivers.

A couple own an airfield which makes its money on skydiving in the middle of New Mexico. They are having marital problems because the man is cheating on his wife, but remains she tries to remain true to him. The woman he is cheating with is jealous of the man's wife, so she seduces another guy to conspire with her to kill him. Meanwhile, the wife is cheating on the cheating husband with the husband's old Army buddy... and they all enjoy coffee all the while.

Alright, I have to do this... I get my "movie descriptions" from IMDb, of course, and one of the descriptions was absolutely perfect... So I am pasting it here for you all to read. This is basically the movie:

Joe likes coffee, and wants it more than anything in the world. However, when Beth offers him some, she doesn't follow through. Joe keeps inquiring about it, but never gets his coffee. This is the story of Joe's want, need, and lust for coffee and his descent into slow madness as he doesn't get it.

Yeah, add some skydivers, and that's about it.

Here we go with the wonderful Coleman Francis films. For those of you who thought Roger Corman was "bad" at directing... No. That man is a brilliant genius. Colman Francis is bad. I really want to make a mock "Coleman Francis" style movie, simply for the sake of actually TRYING to make something so disjointed and poorly acted, directed, filmed, and editted. You'll have random close-up shots of the actors' (and I am using that term loosely) faces, sometimes to loudly spout out a line... other times for absolutely no good reason. A lot of the time, the actor isn't even IN the scene when they suddenly get a close-up. You also end up with some out-of-the-blue dialog between ancillary characters that has nothing to do with anything and apparently has no resolution before cutting to another scene. The plots don't ever make up for any of the wooden dialog, and you never once find yourself caring for any of the people in the movie or whatever happens or doesn't happen...

None of this makes me dislike Coleman Francis a BIT. In fact, I think I could consider myself a fan. I have NO idea why, except that his movies are really just so horribly made that I actually enjoy watching them. It's like watching a really big train smash into a wall... only less exciting. I guess it would be more like watching a retarded hippo STARE at a wall...while wearing a top hat. For some reason, you just find that bizarrely entertaining and find yourself calling it "the greatest thing I've ever seen."

As for the episode itself... The short is fantastic. This is a popular short in the collection, and it's very obvious why. They do a wonderful job bringing jokes about the short into their riffing of the movie. All around, the riffing through this entire episode is fantastic.

The segments are wonderful!! I love the planetarium sketch. It never fails to amaze me how still funny the old "Uranus" joke can be. And the "swing choir" sketch is AMAZING! Anyone who was either in swing choir or (like me) had to put up with all the swing choir nerds will appreciate this sketch. And, as always, Gypsy and Frank respectively steal the show.

Okay so yeah... This episode is fantastic!!! Fabulous! It's a great episode, and I think you should watch it.

Favourite line: "Have you met your wife?"

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