Wednesday, August 18, 2010

0614: San Francisco International

MST3k, Experiment #0614

Jet Packed Drama at a Giant Air Terminal! San Francisco International.

Pilot for the TV series, stars Pernell Roberts as Jim Conred, who runs an airport, much to the chagrin of his boss, "his way." In this, two plots run - a kid whose parents are splitting up decides to take off in a little red prop plane (and Conrad talks him down), and thieves played by the handsome Tab Hunter and his truly ugly sidekicks try to steal a money shipment. Roberts was replaced by Lloyd Bridges when the show went to series.

There isn't much to say for this one.

The movie is a TV pilot. The show was picked up, but with Lloyd Bridges taking over the lead role. Riffing is fantastic, especially given what there is to work with... but actually, I personally quite enjoy these "made for TV" things. In the KTMA season (0), I really like the Superdome episode... and the one we had a few weeks back was pretty good. Anyways, good fun, but not much to talk about.

The host segments are summed up in one word: Urkel.

We have a LOT of character call-backs in the host segments though... from Nuveena, to Jan in the pan, to Huggy Bear, to Torgo... That was the best part of the whole episode.

Lots of laughs on the movie riffing though! I'd watch it again.

Favourite line: "I made-for-TV love you."

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