Monday, August 30, 2010

0620: Danger!! Death Ray

MST3k, Experiment #0620

Danger!! Death Ray.

A gang of European terrorists infiltrates a secret NATO meeting where they steal a Death Ray that was constructed for “peaceful purposes.” They also kidnap the Death Ray’s inventor. Superspy Bart Fargo is assigned to rescue the inventor and prevent the terrorists from using the ray. Bart wanders around several vaguely European cities, sleeps with and promptly dumps several women in true secret-agent style, and manages (more from luck than skill) to thwart the villains.

Bapa dapa daba ba daaaa....

I can't write too much about this, because my internet drops every five(5) seconds, so I'm kind of slipping this in as best as I can.

I adore this episode!!! I think it's the music. Not only do they sing along each and every time the theme song shows up, but they genuinely seem to be having fun on this movie because of it. I surely have fun watching due to the music, so I am going to say that it's the music and the music alone that makes this episode shine!

The sketches are funny, the riffing is funny, Frank is funny... The whole thing is funny!!!

But it's the movie's theme music that just makes it FUN!!!

Favourite line: "Geez fellas, if we only had a death ray... oh hey!"

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