Tuesday, August 31, 2010

0621: The Beast of Yucca Flats

MST3k, Experiment #0621

Money Talks! Having trouble saving money, a kid gets advice from Ben Franklin himself. Progress Island, U.S.A. Modern Puerto Rico has a lot to offer.

Commies made him an atomic mutant! The Beast of Yucca Flats.

A clock ticks. A beautiful girl. A hidden killer. The clock stops. There is no connection.

The vast desert. A plane lands. Joseph Javorski, noted scientist. Joseph Javorski, who looks like he could eat whole pigs, has the fate of the world in his briefcase. The Kremlin's best make him a target. The wheels of progress grind on.

A chase. Bullets. Murder. Flag on the moon...how did it get there? A bomb. More progress. Touch a button, something happens. A scientist becomes a beast.

Figures in a landscape. Who knows how long we really have? Joe and Jim, desert patrolmen. They guard freedom and democracy 24/7 in this landscape. A beast is on the loose. Joseph Javorski, once a noted scientist, now...nothing.

There is no progress in the desert. Yet its effects are everywhere. Man's progress. Quench the killer's thirst. A family stops for a rest. The beast appears. A terrible mistake. Policemen with quick guns and the minds of swine. An innocent man dies. Who cares? Two boys feed soda pop to thirsty pigs. It's progress, you know.

Confrontation. A fight that is not a fight. A gun with no bullets fires. Joseph Javorski, noted scientist, becomes rabbit food. The wheels of progress grind on. End.

I stole that summary from the MST3k Wiki site... It pretty much sums up this movie, and the feel of the movie. I both hate and love Coleman Francis movies. I stated before that I am quite a fan of Francis, and yet at the same time I can't stand his movies... It's like that really bad root beer you just can't stop drinking.

The first of the two shorts (yes two!) isn't all that much to holler at, but the second one is a riot. One of my friends remembers this episode simply because of the Progress Island short. It truly is "laugh out loud" funny!!

This whole episode is some good fun... and I enjoy the 11:30 sketch the most of all...

That is all for today. I'm too brain dead to write more, so I am going to go lie down and watch the next episode.

Favourite line: "130 in my pants..."

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