Wednesday, September 08, 2010

0701: The Night of The Blood Beast

MST3k, Experiment #0701

Once Upon A Honeymoon. A songwriter's wife, frustrated about not having sex with her husband for a year after marriage, fantasizes about new home decor with matching colored phones, with the help of a fey bespectacled angel.

No girl was safe as long as this head-hunting thing roamed the land! The Night of The Blood Beast.

An astronaut returns from space dead. The base that recovered him is then cut off from the outside world by an alien. The revival of the dead astronaut, the death of a scientist, and the discovery of alien embryos inside the resurrected astronaut's body bodes ill for the survival of those trapped at the base and the rest of humanity.

Do the vocals seem WAY too compressed in the new opening song, or is it just me? I actually rewound and messed around with the settings on my stereo, I was so disturbed by it. Oh well, minor complaint, whatever.

Well, here we get the start of Pearl Forrester as a main character... although after season seven(7) she appears much more cleaned up and "mad scientisty" than we see her here. For these few episodes (and the prior appearances last season) she's simply Dr. Forrester's nagging mother, complete with mustache and bad makeup. Personally, as I stated before, I like the Sci Fi era Pearl much better... but this is fine for the meanwhile. A lot of fans really didn't like Dr. F's "sudden" meakness and and general fear of his mother. I'd like to point out that in the prior appearances, he was just as pitiful as he is now: a son trying to impress his mother. Honestly, this is how I pictured that character being anyways... All evil and "in charge" but as soon as his mommy shows up, he gets all whimpery and pathetic. It's classic "nerd" and I like it.

The trombone recital is pure genius, especially the neatly combed hair with the slight cowlick in back.

Anyways, this short is really, really funny. I love the mundane vagueness of the whole thing, and I really love the sketch that follows it. (I love Gypsy!!!)

This movie is kinda forgettable, and the only riffs that really stick with me on this are all the "Steve" jokes. That was really the only way I remembered what movie I was about to watch... "Oh, this is the Steve one!"

Still, very good episode with a LOT of funny jokes!! A great start to season seven(7)...

...and a quick comment about the alternate host segments made for the "Turkey Day" version... I always have and always will love Mike's Jack Perkins impersonation! That's without a doubt the best part of the entire episode.

Favourite line: "That's about as sexy as a garage."

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  1. Heh, I was going to tweet a link to a YouTube of Crow's pregnancy announcement today, but I figured I had tweeted enough links already. :)

    Yes, the trombone recital was awesome. The poopie tape makes it look as if Trace actually got whacked in the mouth a bit too hard in one of the takes.

    Was there ever a turkey-day-segments vs. regular-host-segments debate?

    One of my favorite episodes! Thanks for your comments on it.