Thursday, September 09, 2010

0702: The Brute Man

MST3k, Experiment #0702

The Chicken of Tomorrow. We learn what is being done today to create the Chicken of Tomorrow. With a side mention of just how gosh darn important gas stations and oil are to the poultry industry.

No woman was safe from his crushing arms... The Brute Man.

Hal Moffat who is taking wholesale revenge by murdering those he holds responsible for his predicament, is befriended by Helen Paige, a blind piano teacher, and he develops a warmth for her that leads him to add thievery and robbery - no big deal, he is out there anyway - to his murders so that she can be provided with the money for an operation.

Apparently, this is the last we see of shorts for a while... It's a pretty enjoyable one, despite the blandness of the short itself. Never before have chickens kept me on the edge of my seat...

Yesterday, I forgot to mention Pearl referring to Crow as Art, so I'll do that today: Mrs. Forrester calls Crow "Art" a lot. There. I've always actually really enjoyed this little quirk that seems to go on into the later seasons. It just makes me chuckle.

The movie here is an odd one really, for two specific reasons. Firstly, it's really not that bad of a movie. The story is decent, the acting isn't horrid, and there really isn't much to truly complain about that isn't just due to the era it was filmed. Secondly, it's not often that we have the sympathetic protagonist actually be guilty of their crimes. He's essentially the hero of the movie, but he's really the killer, not mistaken like you would almost expect.

I guess people back then were more easily frightened by the sight of someone who looks slightly abnormal. I don't think I would have even been remotely frightened by Hal Moffat, even if I did run into him in a dark alley and he had his hands out in the choking motion. He just seems too nice a guy, and really not all that weird looking. Definitely not frightening.

The biggest reason I love this episode will forever be all the "Little Miss Muffet" jokes that are scattered very sparingly throughout the riffing. They pick just the right moments to mention "curds and whey" that it never gets old.

All together, this was a great episode and another I hope for a DVD release of... which... being.

Favourite line: "I think the movie's stuck."

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