Friday, September 17, 2010

0706: Laserblast

MST3k, Experiment #0706

Billy was a kid who got pushed around... Then he found the power. Laserblast.

Alien creatures kill a mutated alien creature in the California desert. Its remains, and the high-tech laser gun and power source accidentally left behind, are found by an ostracized teenager. However, the power source causes the teenager to mutate too, and he goes on a murderous rampage.

Can't we just get beyond Thunderdome?

...and we come to the end of yet another era. Well, several eras actually. It's the last we'll ever see of Dr. Forrester, the last we'll see Trace's Crow on the show, the last Comedy Central episode, AND the last movie called Laserblast that they ever riffed.

Despite the fact (and I've made it no secret) that I love the hell out of Bill Corbett and his Crow, I am going to miss Trace's Crow (as if I can't just watch these episodes all over again anyways) quite a lot. Definitely gained a newfound love of Trace during this marathon. I've always loved Dr. Forrester, but I really had forgotten how many great scenes, lines and bits Crow had through these first 8 seasons.

There's just something horribly disturbing, yet brilliant, about Mike dressed as Captain Janeway. I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed her sounding like she ate a bunch of helium.

Lots and lots of great jokes on this one. I think it helped that they knew it would be their last episode (on this network at least), because it seemed to allow them a bit of freedom in their writing that they didn't seem to have had for a while.

Eddie Deezen should NEVER have been cast as a bully. It's just not right.

Well, time to go start season eight(8)...

Favourite line: "Oh. Hello. Have you been helped?"

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