Tuesday, September 21, 2010

0802: The Leech Woman

MST3k, Experiment #0802

Forever young! Forever deadly! She lived off the life blood of male victims! The Leech Woman.

When a very old African woman offers an ambitious endocrinologist the secret of eternal youth, he decides to take his estranged and no-longer-young-and-beautiful wife along with him on the safari. But then she finds out the true reason for their sudden reconciliation is so that she can serve as his guinea pig. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially one with a stolen pineal gland tapper. But once you try Nipe, there's no going back.

This is a really funny episode.

First, I've always enjoyed the nanites, and this is one of my favourite sketches involving them.

Anyways, we see a little bit more of the SOL on this episode, which is pretty cool.

The best part of the episode though is the riffing... which I suppose is what this whole show is really all about!! I always find myself laughing really hard at this one. Mostly, I just enjoy when they do "bland guy" voices for the characters. Monotone, boresome line reads always get me. "And I'll be at the office, uhm... I love you."

But yeah, nothing all too stand-out about this episode at all. There's no songs, nothing really incredibly special... but it's just a fun upbeat episode. It's obvious they're having fun, and I think that's when I have the most fun as well.

Favourite line: "It's a success!! I'd like to take a look at your endocrine!"

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