Wednesday, September 22, 2010

0803: The Mole People

MST3k, Experiment #0803

Here is terror to shatter your nerves! The Mole People.

So it starts out with an archaeological team in the 50's that stumbles upon this underground civilization of a lost dynasty of sumerians, who have apparently failed to evolve over the past 5,000 years. The plot becomes a but fuzzy here, but pretty much only three people survive. The albinos decide to sacrifice these three survivors, but they escape. One of them dies, but the other two (Dr. Bentley and Dr. Belamin) escape by shining a flash light in the albinos and mole people's faces. Wait- who are these mole people? They are mutant humanoid mole-type creatures that are the mistreated slaves of the albinos and resemble the sand people from Star Wars. Just like the albinos, living underground has made them highly sensitive to light. Anyways, the sumerian priest believes that the flashlight is the sacred fire of their goddess, Ishtar. They come to believe that Bentley and Belamin are messengers of Ishtar. They give Bentley a slave, a beautiful woman named Adad who is shunned by the albinos because of her tan skin. Of course, she and Bentley fall in love and he says she can come with him if they ever get out.

I think this is where Bill started to really settle in as Crow. As I always accepted him as Crow, I can only assume that maybe by now the rest of the viewers were finally starting to think "Yeah, it may not be Trace, but it's still Crow." What can I say? The voice just fits the puppet. He's got some great lines in this one, and he eventually remembers who Mike is also... which I bet helped fans start to forget that this was a different Crow.

I love Mike's impersonation of the professor from the start of the movie. I can't help but notice that his voice and intonations are exactly the same as his Jack Perkins impression... Oddly, I caught on to that during the bit in the movie itself, before the host segment. I suppose they did as well.

Servo's song (or lack thereof) is fun and very classic to the style of the show.

I guess the movie is an okay one for the time. It definitely is a fun movie for riffing and is actually somewhat watchable on its own. I would definitely recommend this episode to anyone who already knows the show but hasn't seen much.

Favourite line: "Building a deck... on Asia."

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