Wednesday, September 29, 2010

0807: Terror From The Year 5000

MST3k, Experiment #0807

From Time Unborn ... A Hideous She-Thing! Terror From The Year 5000.

Prof. Erling and his financial backer Victor build a prototype time machine to snatch objects from the past. Latest find, a statuette, radiometrically dates to 5200 AD! When this draws colleague Richard Hedges to the island lab, Erling reveals that 20th-century objects put in the machine seem to be "traded" for analogous future objects by intelligent life. And on the sly, Victor's been trying to get a living visitor. Does the future need help, or is the present in danger?

This is an okay episode. If you want painful though, I typically throw this in with my suggestions. The movie is just so... bland. It almost left them struggling to riff at times, but they made it through okay with plenty of funny lines.

The segments are all okay, one even having Beez McKeever show up as the title character! Gotta love it when Beez shows up!!

The real stand-out of this episode though is the song "When I Held Your Brain In My Arms" for which Kevin and Bill provided the vocals. It's quite a brilliant song, and I THINK it's the first of the SciFi era... I don't believe we really had a song show up like this over the past six(6) episodes, but I might be forgetting one. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Anyways, the song alone is worth it...

Favourite line: "Of all the plot holes to fill, they chose the scuba gear plot hole?"

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