Tuesday, September 07, 2010

MOV: This Island Earth

MST3k, Experiment #MOV

The supreme excitement of our time! This Island Earth.

Dr. Meacham is chosen along with others by the inhabitants of the planet Metaluna to do research that will help save their dying planet. However, an evil scheme is uncovered by the suspecting Dr. Meacham when he discovers the Metalunan's plan to take over Earth. Dr. Meacham then escapes an exploding Metalunan built Earth lab along with Dr. Adams only to be kidnapped while flying away in a small plane. A flying saucer wisks both the scientists off to Metaluna where they are held accountable for blowing up the Metalunan Earth lab during their escape. They later escape there with the help of Exeter the friendly Metalunan. Metaluna then self destructs and the Doctors make it safely back to Earth, which is saved from Metalunan invasion.

First, let me state my placement of this movie in my marathon. Technically, this movie came out in the midst of the short season seven(7), and some people actually place it AFTER that season considering the break between Comedy Central and the Sci Fi Network. I put it here, because we have no Frank (ie, post-6) and we have no Pearl (ie, pre-7)... Between that narrative difference and the fact that I really don't like breaking up seasons to shove it at the ACTUAL release date, I've kept this here, where I feel it's at home.

The motion picture... oh the motion picture... Count me in amongst the many people who felt this entirely unnecessary. Not only is EVERY EPISODE a movie, but they are all a bit LONGER than the feature-length, direct-to-theaters motion picture. I personally think that's absolutely retarded and pointless. On top of that, I'd say a good half the episodes from the series are more funny and far more entertaining than the big budgetted thing here. I'd have to shove this amongst the "good, not great" episodes.

I think maybe if they had used the full length of the movie they were riffing, or at least thrown in a quick short at the start, maybe I would have liked it more.

The absolute best part of the thing is the set design. I love the bigger, better Satellite of Love. I really, really wish they could have kept this for the future seasons, but in a way I suppose I'm glad they didn't.

Was this the first appearance of Tom's underwear collection?!

I haven't ever seen the full-length version of This Island Earth, but the cut we see here is dumb. Nothing actually really happens. He goes to this house on a whim, and then once inside he's immediately plotting to escape... He then plots for a good three(3) minutes before his first escape attempt, only to fail miserably and then get sucked into the spaceship. They fly to a planet, say hi to the ruler and then without a moment's breath, they escape the destruction of the planet on the spaceship and fly back to Earth, where they arrive back home safe and sound. A whole lot of nothing, if you ask me.

Well, as far as episodes would go, I'd say this was okay... Pretty lame on a "Hey let's get our name out there" sorta thing though. They could have done MUCH better, mostly just by picking a different movie... but I get the feeling that may not have been their choice, considering movie executives.

Oh well, at least we get widescreen and some fun jokes!

Favourite line: "Well, let's go get your brains scrambled!"


  1. Keep in mind that most of your complaints have to do with Gramercy Pictures messing with the movie more so than the folks at BBI. The film was originally going to be at least as long as an episode of the series, but Gramercy forced them to cut out parts of the movie, a host segment, and they had them change the ending. Plus they were limited in what films they could use. The parent company for Gramercy was Universal, so it had to be something from their back catalog. Plus it had to be in color and fairly interesting on it's own.

  2. Yes, I think I mentioned that I figured most of the problems being not that of the Brains... Also one of the many reasons I feel they shouldn't have bothered trying to make a "movie" Nothing good will ever come of getting studio execs involved in something that's actually creative.

    I only blame the Brains for trying! lol