Sunday, October 10, 2010

0813: Jack Frost

MST3k, Experiment #0813

Fabulous Winter-Time Wonder-Maker! Jack Frost.

Strange Russian fairy tale dealing with a boy and a girl who go through the strangest situations to be with one another. The boy is transformed by a Mushroom Pixie into a bear, and almost baked by an evil witch who controls trees. The girl is given the Cinderella treatment by her mother and her sister who is jealous of her long braided hair. Jack Frost himself doesn't appear until late in the movie.

Why is this movie? That's all I want to ask about it really... Why is it?

That being said, this is a rather funny episode. There's only a few good host segments, the rest being just okay... but it's the riffing that brings this one out. The movie is just so retarded that they have an awful lot to riff at here. I laughed heartily through pretty much all of it.

The best segments are Mike as The Lord of The Dance and Crow as a bear. Crow randomly deciding to "become" things is one of the things I love best about Bill's Crow. (see Space Mutiny) The rest of the segments are decently enjoyable, but nothing really all that fantastic.

Anyways, great episode... very surreal movie. I think the lead girl is cute...

Favourite line: "If I had a tree, I'd keep it in the yard."

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