Tuesday, October 12, 2010

0814: Riding With Death

MST3k, Experiment #0814

An unforgettable excursion into adventure. Riding With Death.

The ever-so mellow Agent Sam Casey is in a satellite explosion and the radiation turns him invisible. He gets a watch that keeps him visible, and he can use it to switch from visible to invisible. He is given two assignments - The first is to transport a chemical, Tripolydine, purported to be the most efficient fuel. After the cover is blown on that, and Casey uncovers and stops the Tripolydine fraud, he must then stop terrorist Robert Denby from blowing up race cars.

I think I must have said "What the hell is going on in this movie?!?" at least seven(7) times during this episode. Just when you think the movie is long enough and almost over, they start a whole new plot. Sure, this is because it's two pieced-together episodes of a TV show, but that's no excuse for it!!

This episode is a riot!! The riffing is awesome and the segments are a lot of fun. Servo sings about the 70's and the 50's, Crow becomes "Turkey Volume Guessing Man" and Mike steals his thunder by guessing the volume of the SOL in turkeys... and the movie is oh so dumb, it provides perfect fodder for riffing.

I guess, all-in-all, I really enjoy this one despite the movie being so damn blasted annoyingly drawn out. Good fun.

Favourite line: "I'm gonna transmit the crap out of this."

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