Thursday, October 21, 2010

0820: Space Mutiny

MST3k, Experiment #0820

There is nowhere to hide from the enemy within! Space Mutiny.

Space Mutiny is a hilariously bad sci-fi epic that's guaranteed to have you in stitches. Combine a wardrobe of spandex and tinfoil; a set boasting AstroTurf and spray-painted floor buffers; and special effects that, well, aren't so special, and you've got one of the most hysterical cheeseball movies to ever come out of the '80s. Grab your friends and have a riot with this underground cult hit!

Yet another classic!!! This is another of my favourite "starter episodes" to show people, because there really isn't a single thing wrong with it. Even the Roman Times bits are at their peak here. Just an all-around fantastic episode!!

I'll start by mentioning my favourite segment. Crow insisting he's a Bellerian and then being not quite so sure about it is hillarious. "Ask me if I'm a Bellerian." I just LOVE this bit!!!

Okay, the riffing... This may be the most spot-on, tight, and quick delivered riffing of the whole series, but maybe I'm just on a "Big McLargehuge" high. Either way, this is some prime riffing material here. They go WAY overboard on nicknames, and even point out a lot of production errors... They just seem to be having a real fun time with this one, and it's no wonder. The movie is perfect for it. I can picture the first time one of them found this, watched it, and started laughing at just how stupid the whole thing is.

Another favourite bit is Mike Down. I can't help but laugh at the simplicity and ineptitude of the joke... in all its variants.

But yeah, another perfect epoisode... Definitely an essential.

Favourite line: "I think it's very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance!"

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