Wednesday, November 10, 2010

0908: The Touch of Satan

MST3k, Experiment #0908

To Love Her Is To Be Cursed! The Touch of Satan.

On his way to California, Jodie decides on a whim to make a brief side trip to a farm, where he meets and falls in love with Melissa, the proverbial farmer's daughter. Or so it seems. In between the overlong dramatic pauses, we learn that Melissa is in fact a 120-year-old witch, and her remarkably spry "great-grandmother," Lucinda, is actually her sister, who has been pitchforking people to death in her spare time. When Lucinda murders a local policeman, things start to get real complicated for Jodie.

This is where the fish lives.

This is another of my favourites... mostly because it has one of my all-time favourite segments (Servo's granny), but it also has my single-most favourite Crow line of the entire series ("...and I'm Cow!!").

Beez McKeever plays an awesome babysitter, and I lover her interactions with everyone... especially Bobo. I quite enjoy when the main segment storylines are driven by someone who isn't normally on the screen, and this one is really funny.

As I've stated, I love it when Crow insists he's "become" or "always has been" something the movie very obviously influenced. This time, he is rather sure he's a witch and proceeds to prove it... until he decides he's actually a frog.

The movie is... droll? The movie is really drawn out and pretty much has a lot of similarities to Manos in style, in my opinion. I like it though, especially in the realm of this show here. Lots of laughs on this one.

Favourite line: "I gotta wake up early and milk the walnuts."

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