Saturday, November 20, 2010

0913: Quest of The Delta Knights

MST3k, Experiment #0913

In an age of swords and sorcery, one young hero holds the key to infinite wisdom - and ultimate power. Quest of The Delta Knights.

This action-comedy takes place on a world where the 15th Century finds Europe still caught in the grip of the Dark Ages. A young boy named Tee is sold into slavery, and bought by the beggar Raydoor, who takes him on as an apprentice. When Raydoor realizes that Tee is the subject of a prophecy, he reveals himself as one of the Delta Knights, a secret order dedicated to helping humanity. Trained by Raydoor, Tee also becomes a Delta Knight and joins forces with a ne'er-do-well painter named Leonardo (from the small town of Vinci), and a tavern girl, Thena. Pursued by Lord Vultare, minion of the wicked Mannerjay, they set out on a quest to find the lost treasures of Archimedes.

We come to the end of season nine(9) with a fun little movie. I am pretty sure the makers of this film just found a renaissance festival and said "Hey, wanna be in our movie?" Then they cast David Warner in a few roles and tada.

A highlight of the episode is that Pearl decides to sit in on the first part of the film, sending Mike down to bond with Bobo and Brain Guy. She actually does a pretty good job at riffing, although I will admit that it had to grow on me a lot. I originally didn't really think her voice meshed well with the riffing concept, but eventually I realised that it's the compression on her microphone. It actually sounds looped in post production, unlike Mike, Kevin, Bill, Joel, Trace or Josh's voices over the years... I now chalk that up to a production issue that really might just be my copy of the episode making her voice sound separated from the layers of the show. Either way, definitely not Mary Jo's fault... She's perfectly fantastic once I ignore the production and mixing! I will say though that she's grown a lot into the riffing in the Cinematic Titanic releases. She probably feels more comfortable now than she did way back then. Either way, she quickly became one of my favourite riffers on the CT team, so it's fun to see her in her first on-screen riffs.

My favourite part of the episode is the opening segment with the loaner Crow. I can not possibly watch that segment without laughing so hard I cry. The jittery Crow and the broken up speech... It's just wonderful and one of my favourite bits ever!

So yeah... On to season ten(10).

Favourite line: "No whorin' while I'm gone."

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