Saturday, November 27, 2010

1004: Future War

MST3k, Experiment #1004

It came from the future to hunt humans. Future War.

A race of evil cyborgs kidnap humans from Earth's future to use as slaves, and take dinosaurs from the past to use as trackers. One of their slaves, the Runaway, escapes and makes his way to present-day Los Angeles. There he must fend off the cyborgs and their trackers, the police, and the government, befriended by a prostitute-turned-nun who runs a halfway house.

The description up there (from IMDb of course) actually makes this movie sound far more awesome than it actually is. In reality, this is one of the more inanely stupid movies ever to be riffed.

Because of this movie and episode 1001 (Soultaker), I lovingly refer to this season as "The Season of Z'Dar." Hopefully that will spread and others will also call it that, but I doubt it.

The best part of this entire episode is Droppy the Water Droplet, played (of course) by Crow. It's a classic bit and always a fun one to watch.

All-in-all, it's a decent episode and not one to be ignored.

Favourite line: "There's no butter in my coffee..."

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