Tuesday, December 07, 2010

1010: It Lives By Night

MST3k, Experiment #1010

After the sun has set and the night wind has died comes the hour of the bat people! It Lives By Night.

A doctor specializing in bats, and his new wife interrupt their honeymoon to go spelunking in Carlsbad Cavern. There he is bitten by a fruit bat and inexplicably undergoes a transformation into a vampire bat. He ultimately escapes, however, escaping back to the caves. His wife, infected by her husband, kills the local constabulary and goes to join him.

Here's another one that is mostly carried along by the host segments. The riffing is good, as much as the movie is dumb, but the host segments are all funny and classic... and that's what makes this episode worth watching. I especially like the Mary Tyler Moore bit. It's always fun watching Servo and Mike run with one of Crow's ideas, leaving him out of it almost altogether.

I really have no explanation for it, but I used to watch this episode over and over again. The movie isn't THAT enjoyable. I guess I just always loved the "squeak" jokes.

Anyways, only three(3) more episodes, so let's get to it.

Favourite line: "Fill 'er up! Thank you!"

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