Monday, December 13, 2010

1013: Danger: Diabolik

MST3k, Experiment #1013

Out for all he can take, seduce, or get away with... Danger: Diabolik.

In psychedelic swinging 60s style, the dreaded thief (and killer) Diabolik wreaks havoc on a generic European country for his own financial gain and amusement. He shares an extravagant underground lair (and a giant bed of money) with his curvaceous, superficial girlfriend...who uses her awesome powers of wig-wearing to help Diabolik kill innocent people and steal billions from the government. Nonetheless, Diabolik is the "hero" of the film because he must face off against bumbling cops and revenge-seeking mafiosos.

How to end a show... Well, they sent the SOL back to Earth, riffed a dumb spy movie, and sang a song. With that and a callback to the first movie riffed on the Comedy Channel, I think they just about did it.

I remember watching this one as it aired, and I remember getting a bit teary eyed during the song... Yep, I'm a dork.

I have a friend who likes to think of Rifftrax as being the three characters in their apartment still, watching lots of newer movies as they rent them. I always point out that they reference their "studio" and their actual names a lot, and then he gets mad at me for ruining his world. I'll admit that it is a fun way to imagine it, albeit very flawed in logic and reason.

If I ever decide to do a year-long blogue marathon of an eleven(11) season long TV show again, someone talk me out of it. Smaller marathons. Yeah, that's what I will do. It just got so tiring trying to make sure I kept up on all of these. Mostly due to travels and the like... and apathy.

And one last final note, I am fairly certain Pearl's little advice of "move on" to Mike was directed fairly at the audience, who even to this day still begs for more riffing.

Well, it's been fun!! I've gained better appreciation for cast members I only sorta liked over the years... I've re-discovered many episodes I had only ever bothered to see once or twice, but never fully enjoyed... I've fallen asleep during a few of the episodes I knew far too well to stay awake through... and I'm ready to be done with this project!!

I quit.

Favourite line: "Just airing out the little sizzler."

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