Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coming In 2011

Well, I finally finished that damn Em-Ess-Tee-Three-Kay-A-Thon. It was plenty of fun, and it was good to go back and re-experience every episode of my favourite show... but now that’s over, and not a day too soon.

I think the whole “watch four(4) episodes a week and find the effort to write about them all” thing a bit tiresome... but I did it!

Now, what to do for the new year... I think Disney movies are in order. In fact, I think I will watch them in order. Not every Disney movie ever made, mind you. I don’t own THAT many Disney films, but I DO own every animated classic. The fiftieth(50th) animated classic (Tangled) is in theaters right now, and it was fantastic. I already have that pre-ordered for whenever it hits blu-ray, so here is my plan:

One(1) movie each week, in order of original release. I will then write a blogue entry about the movie and all the special features, etc. I think that will be a lot easier and less of a chore than four(4) a week.

I haven’t figured out all the details, but I am figuring sometime over the span of each week I will watch the movie and features... Then that weekend, I will write about it. OR... I will watch the movie over the weekend, and write early in the week. OR... I will just kinda wing it and see what happens. Either way, 50 (51 when Winnie The Pooh comes out) movies in one year... Simple.

So, what have I been up to lately aside from my thon? Well, I’m glad you asked.

As for vacations, in late October I went to Chicago to visit my girlfriend, and a few weeks back I went to Seattle to visit Greg and go to a concert. Seattle was rainy and the Roger Waters concert (The Wall Live) was by far the best stage show I have ever seen. Chicago was amazing, and I will be moving there in May. That’s yet another thing coming up in the new year and definitely an exciting one!

As many of you know, I’ve been wanting to move from Chico for a good fifteen(15) years... even more recently over the past five(5) years, since my trip to Japan. Finally, I have a good solid reason to move, far beyond just a strong desire... and I couldn't be more excited!!

I’ve been working on thinning out my belongings, boxing up records and CD’s, and getting things generally ready for an easy move. These next few months I will be saving as much money as I can to throw in with my savings, as well as revising my resume and all the fun stuff that comes with moving.

Aside from that, it’s been pretty much just existing day-to-day... Working, talking to Janelle, watching TV shows and movies on Netflix. The holidays are pretty standard, so those just kind of... are. I finished all of my holiday shopping relatively early, so I am all set there, I believe.

One thing I noticed about my thon this past year is that I never really had the will to write about anything BUT my thon, considering it was a slight pain to even keep up on that. So I am hoping this “one-a-week” thon will provide me with some wherewithal to write about other shows I watch, or other things I buy or find online. Basically, I hope to generally write about random junk, while still keeping a schedule for my Disn-A-Thon.

There, that is what I will call it. Disn-A-Thon 2011.

On that note, I hope to write more often, and if not, please enjoy my Disney reviews. Please feel free to comment on the entries with any memories or personal feelings about the films.

Have a happy holiday everyone!!


  1. Fantasia is the best animated feature I have ever seen.

  2. That's the ONLY animated feature you have ever seen.