Sunday, January 30, 2011

Disn-A-Thon: Dumbo (1941)

The stork delivers a baby elephant to Mrs Jumbo, veteran of the circus, but the newborn is ridiculed because of his truly enormous ears and dubbed "Dumbo". Dumbo is relegated to the circus' clown acts; it is up to his only friend, a mouse, to assist Dumbo to achieve his full potential. [imdb]

Well this here is my second favourite of the Disney Animated Classic films. (My first being Lady and The Tramp) I actually have trouble staying awake through this due to how many times I have put this on repeat simply to help lull me to sleep. That may not have been the best idea for such a great film, especially one that’s only 64 minutes long.

Dumbo was made as a nice simple way for the Disney company to make some money back after Fantasia. More effort was put into the story itself than the artwork, and there is very little background detail to this one. Although lacking things like detailed wood grain and other little intricacies that appeared in previous Disney features, it’s still a fantastic movie.

It’s actually well regarded as being on of the most “charming” movies Disney has ever released; very short, sweet and simple. I believe this paved the way for some of the other “simple” films they made, such as Robin Hood.

One stand-out of this movie is the music. Very circus-oriented (for obvious reasons), the music in Dumbo is fun and exciting and keeps you drawn into the story.

And how could I write about this film without mentioning what may very well be the most heart-wrenching scene of all animation. The scene where Dumbo goes to visit his imprisoned mother is well known for making even the strongest grown men cry. I think it at least is on par with anything Pixar has ever done, if not surpasses it. I believe that raw emotion captured in ink and paint stands the test of time.

I will forever love this movie.

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