Sunday, May 08, 2011

Disn-A-Thon: Robin Hood (1973)

Retelling of the Robin Hood legend with animals for the characters. Robin Hood is an outlaw who starts to form a gang in Sherwood Forest to fight the injustices of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who levies unpayable taxes upon the people. [imdb]
Robin Hood is relative proof that Disney's animation department didn't need a big budget to produce a sweet, charming movie.  The animators used a lot of their old character designs and templates for a lot of this film, but it never really comes across as a "cutting corners" thing to me.  It's always seemed more of an "all-star cast" style... As if many of our favourite Disney characters (many from The Jungle Book) were acting out a play for us, telling the story of Robin Hood.

Although a lot of the story elements come from the old Errol Flynn movie of the same name, the differences here come mostly in the animals, voices and character personalities. I know a lot of people who consider this to be the best telling of the tale, and it definitely holds its own.

There aren't many special features on the DVD... There IS an alternate ending in storyboard format that explains King Richard's return a bit better than the finished product. Sad that they didn't include the animated version that (according to Wikipedia) exists.

Cute movie. I always liked it a lot.

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