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Another of my all-time favourites, anyone who is familiar with the music of Enigma really needs no explanation as to why... but here's a video clip that honestly should sum it up quite well on its own.

"Rivers of Belief"

In early 1999, I picked up a copy of Trilogy, a box set of the first three(3) albums by Enigma.  I was familiar with the music to an extent, but had never heard a full album in its entirety, which is quite important in regards to Enigma.  This set introduced me to what's commonly known as the "Enigma Sound", a little progression of horns that start (and originally ended) each album.  This little horn segment is placed to let you know that you're starting an Enigma album, an experience of its own that can be magical and mystical to anyone who listens.

"The Voice of Enigma"

Michael Cretu had himself a relatively known (in Europe, at least) musical career in the 80's, and when he began this musical project, encompassing mysterious tones and themes, he opted to distance his name from the project, calling it simply "Enigma."  His name and most information of anyone and anything involved was left off of the original album liners, further expanding the mystery.  Unfortunately, this also got him sued on many occasions, for the random samples used in the music having not been credited.

"Return To Innocence"

This music is commonly called "New Age" but I prefer to call it "World Music." Despite not being from any specific culture or tradition, the purpose of Enigma is to create a form of music that encompasses every culture, religion, and tradition in the world... A style of music completely its own, in which anyone and everyone in the world can relate and find comfort.

"Beyond The Invisible"

Each album has its own theme, but pretty much everything in the realm of humanity is incorporated as the topic of interest... Most often finding a combination, similarity, and contrast between religion/spirituality and sexuality/sensuality.

"Gravity of Love"

Everything from Gregorian Chants to east Indian vocals are sampled, musical themes from classical works (such as Orff) and classic rock bands (both Black Sabbath and Genesis have been sampled), and a variety of languages (mostly French) are used frequently.

"Following The Sun"

The music evokes landscapes through valleys and over mountaintops, delving deep down into the ocean, and more recently reaching far out into space.

"Feel Me Heaven"

The most recent album was back in 2008, and while there's been a "Platinum" compilation album including some rare unreleased music and remixes, it doesn't seem there will be anything new from Cretu for quite some time, if ever again. Although I will admit that I had that feeling before each of the past few albums were released, so there's always hope... which I suppose is the real message behind Enigma's music.  There is always hope.

"La Puerta Del Cielo"

If this is the first you've ever heard of Enigma, I suggest you pick up their first "best of" album, Love Sensuality Devotion, and give it a good solid listen from start to finish.  My guess would be that you'll end up searching out much more.

"Social Song"

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