Monday, March 12, 2012

I Mother Earth

Well, for the letter I, my pick is the Canadian rock band I Mother Earth.

"One More Astronaut"

Yet another band I found simply because the band name and an album title caught my attention, I Mother Earth (or IME) blends some classic rock guitar, Santana-esque percussion, a bit of progressive metal, funky bass, and rather unique vocals into a genre that is actually kind of hard to pin down.  They've been posted as "Alternative Rock" and "Post-Grunge"... but I tend to just put them in the "Psychedelic Rock" category.


Their first album, Dig, is especially filled with psychedelic sound and plenty of funk, many of the songs turning into more of an extended jam than anything.

"Rain Will Fall"

Scenery and Fish was the first album I heard by IME.  It had me hooked right off the bat and kept my interest through to the final (7-minute long) song "Earth, Sky & C", a personal favourite of mine.  Of all the tracks posted today, this one is the most worth a listen.

"Earth, Sky & C"

In 1997, the lead singer Edwin announced he was leaving the band to pursue a (more radio-friendly) solo career... and IME was to find a new vocalist.  After hundreds of audition tapes and some disputes with both the label and management, they finally found a suitable replacement and a new album was released.

"All Awake"

One of the hardest things any band can ever do is find a new lead vocalist, especially after being known well for the unique sound of the original, but IME pulled it off beautifully, possibly even improving with a stronger vocalist while still sounding very much like the same old band.

"Summertime In The Void"

Quicksilver Meat Dream was released in 1993 and lost most of the psychedelic aspect, veering more towards darker progressive rock and metal than before.

"Meat Dreams"

Upon browsing the Wikipedia entry in preparation for this post, I discovered (to my surprise) that the band's 8-year hiatus is officially over, and the band is touring again.  Whether I should expect a new album or not is debatable, but usually when I band starts touring again after eight years, and it's not called a "reunion", that usually implies they plan to record.  Personally, I am hoping for a return to the sound of the first three albums, and not so much like the last... but any new music by I Mother Earth will be gladly welcomed.

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