Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Prodigy

I am purposefully avoiding both Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree for the letter P.  Instead, I am choosing to write about one of my favourite "big beat" techno bands, The Prodigy.


The Prodigy was quite big for a while in the mid-90's, particularly between 1995 and 1999, but they had been a driving force in the underground electronic music genre as early as 1991.

"Out of Space"

The band's success came with the album Music For The Jilted Generation, which became a huge hit in the Anarchist rave scene.  This is the album most people know them for, and many times is all they are known for.  Good grief, if I haven't heard enough douchey hardcore wannabes spout out "Oh yeah, I love The Prodigy. I have like six copies of Jilted Generation, bro."


Their other "we only know one (or two) albums by this band" album was 1997's The Fat of The Land, which brought their most controversial song "Smack My Bitch Up" which also won MTV's pick for most controversial video.  I'll agree, that title was probably well-earned... but it, and a couple other singlse, also over-shadowed the rest of the album.

"Diesel Power"

Now I get to talk about the Microsoft Windows ME of The Prodigy! In 2002, the band released a one-off single after a five-year wait, with the hint of an up-coming album.  The single "Baby's Got A Temper" was a fairly decent radio and sales hit, but it came and went... and pretty much sounded like every other single the band had released prior to it all wrapped up in one.

"Baby's Got A Temper"

I guess the vocalist/dancer (yes, the band employed dancers) Keith Flint and the main DJ/producer Liam Howlett had one hell of a falling out over the track, which Howlett stated he "didn't own", resulting in Flint leaving (or getting kicked out of?) the band.  Any work done for the supposed album was scrapped, all acknowledgement of the single was basically wiped under the table, and a couple years later a very, very, VERY different-sounding Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned was released.


That album had a bit of success, but not quite as much as the prior two... Most critics panned it as not sounding enough like Jilted Generation or Fat Of The Land, but that was what I liked the most about it.  Speaking as a fan, I didn't (and don't) want just another re-hashing of their popular stuff.  That was the problem we all had with Baby's Got A Temper, and Always Outnumbered fixed a lot of that.


After yet another five-year wait, Invaders Must Die was released to rather favourable reviews.  It marked the return of Keith Flint, although in a far smaller capacity than before... and the album shows that the band's sound can properly grow and develop with the times.

"Invaders Must Die"

I personally enjoyed this album even more than the last... well actually, this may be my favourite album by The Prodigy.  Yeah, it's definitely my favourite...


The Prodigy is apparently working on a new album; hopefully this one won't take half-a-decade to finish.  Personally, I could just listen to them non-stop for weeks on end, so any new music or remixes to add to my collection is greatly appreciated.


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