Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Live-Beefing Lost

So, LOST... again... Yes. Up yours; I'm doing it.  I have owned the blu-ray box set since it was released, but I've only watched through it once and on a standard definition television to make matters less nerdy.  So I have decided to perform yet another re-watch of LOST, this time on the hi-def TV I've been in possession of for the past year and a half.  Why not?

I'll tell you why not: I've watched LOST more times than I really desire to count.  I've watched between seasons as I waited for the next to start, I watched seasons 1-5 with my sister as season 6 aired, I watched the entire thing all the way through at least 4 times since it ended... Hell, I've even watched the chronological edit a couple of times.

But I won't let that stop me.

How is this different than any of your prior re-watches?

Aside from the definition of my television, I will be blogging about the re-watch.

Alright, fine... but how will that work?

Originally, I was considering an in-depth analysis-based blog thing, complete with observations and theories and little spoilery tid-bits tying all the little bits and pieces together... complete with "I've seen all this and know how things end." hindsight.  But I won't be doing that.

Why not? What WILL you be doing?

Don't interrupt me.  I've decided to do my own form of "liveblogging" for my re-watch blog.

What the hell is "Liveblogging"???

Liveblogging is normally a blog, written live (crazy, huh?) during an event or show, that updates as you go... usually with time-stamps and a form of rolling refresh. Read more at Wikipedia.

However, I won't be doing it quite like that.

Then how can you call it "Liveblogging"?

I can't. Instead I am calling it "Live-Beefing" to keep with my persona and theme.

Okay, fine. What is "Live-Beefing" then, and how is it even remotely similar to liveblogging?

Boy, aren't you indignant.  Live-Beefing will consist of me writing (typing, really) out my thoughts, ideas, and observations on each individual episode while I watch... It will happen in a very similar fashion to how people write their liveblogs, only instead of time-stamps, I will simply leave it all in paragraphical form.  Much like I am doing here, only I have a feeling my sentences will be even more fragmented and my thoughts even more random and disjointed.

I will then proceed to post the whole thing in one big lump, most likely including 3-4 episodes in one post... that being how many episodes are on each disc.

So you'll watch one disc at a time, type out whatever odd thoughts you have while watching, and then post that as your blog?!

Yes. That about sums it up.

Why didn't you just say that to start with, instead of dragging this whole thing out!?

I wanted a longer post.

Is there any other part of this you want to tell me about before I start ignoring you again?

Well, I am sure there will be some spoilers, but I will post warnings at the start of each entry... and I think I may sumarize my thoughts on each disc at the end of every post.  I'm pretty much going to make it all up as I go along.

Alright, that sounds stupid.

Indeed it does, but it also seemed like the easiest way to both re-watch one of my all-time favourite television series and blog about it... without it becoming too much of a chore or too time-consuming.  That's my main goal in all this: to enjoy the show and still find a way to enjoy blogging about it.

Well, I guess that makes sense.

Good. I'll probably have the first post up in a few weeks, after my family comes to visit me.  It's been great explaining all of this, and if anyone has any thoughts or questions or anything to say (related to this post and my plan), feel free to comment here!!