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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 1, Disc 3

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s01e09 - Solitary

Alright, I have a cup of Foldgers and some sunflower seeds... Healthy snack ready for more beefing. Sayid is looking at a picture of Nadia, with some scribblings that I'm pretty sure is in a made-up language for this show. Anyone try to translate that!? Now he's digging up the huge cable that leads into the water... so of course, he follows it the other direction. We'll find out where it leads into th water later, but curiosity still would have led me in to find out then. Aww Kate is trying to look pensive and worrisome. Yeah, Jack, don't torture people. Jerk. Sayid is showing off his mad tracking skills by setting off a booby trap... and getting caught.

I love the hypochondriac guy. The show needed more of him. Oh! This is the one with the golf course! Hooray for Hurley! "Things could be worse..." "HOW?!" And now we meet the French chick, torturing Sayid... and jump to Sayid torturing someone else. This was before the whooshes. I've always loved how smoothly this show transitioned between any given language and English just so subtly that you barely even notice. Why that girl looks like Nadia... it IS Nadia. Sayid sproing. Ethan! Ethan is awesome. Hi, I'm Michael and I hate John Locke for no explicable reason.

Rousseau has got herself a pretty neat little shack set up there. I wouldn't mind living in a place like that. I blame her though for the stupid nickname "The Others" ... If I had been on that island, I would have refused to call them that. Yes, Sayid... flirt with the prisoner. That will get her talking. Walt's bored. Gee, with the amount that Michael ignores him, it's no wonder that kid wants to hang out with the cool hunter guy. So Nadia's dead... but she really isn't. Was there a reason for him lying about that? And now Hurley presents the golf course. This is why Hurley outlives everyone: he understands relaxation and de-stressing.

This is another one of those "not much actually happens on this episode" episodes of season 1. I am going to find out what that hypochondriac's name is. I feel like I used to know this... I'll do that while Sayid is fixing a music box. Sullivan. His name is Sullivan. I guess we get a bit of exposition about the French woman on this episode. We get the name Alex, Danielle, and how she crashed... and the sickness. Still, not much actually happens on this episode. And there it is: "The Others" Dude, call them "the natives" at least. The Others is a horrible nickname for a group of people. I think I honestly cringed every time someone called them that on this show. Ooo Shannon in a bikini again! This episode isn't all too bad. "A doctor playin' golf. Whoo, boy howdy, now I've heard everything." Danielle is off to shoot a bear. I can tell by the sound that it's not the smoke monster. Oh now there's a whoosh. Why was there no whoosh before?!? Oh well, whatever. I need more coffee.

Sayid has broken free and now he's rummaging through papers before grabbing a gun and escaping. Oh I'm sorry Walt for being such a horrible dad... Now shut up so I can play golf. Aww Sayid's letting his lady friend go free. He's really a softy at heart, underneath all the layers of torturing. Unfortunately, this will lead him to weeping and being teary-eyed for the rest of the series. From one end of the spectrum to the other. But for now, it's Danielle who's weepy and over-dramatic. "I'll take that action." Fantastic line read there, Kate. You sound like Jake Lloyd. I think Locke should teach everyone how to throw knives. I would watch a show of just that. Sayid is hearing whispers... Creeeeepy.

s01e10 - Raised By Another

Oh hey Claire... Lookin' good, all not-pregnant and stuff. Yes, follow the baby sounds out into the jungle. Brilliant. Locke is messing with Tarot cards... He should stick to the black and white eyes. I think it would make Michael trust him more. Man, Australians have some weird dreams.

So they show the discovering of the pregnancy, but not the conception?! What a rip. "If we wanted to, we could do this." Yeah, I thought doing it was what got you into this mess in the first place. [sarcasm] This show needed more Kate/Jack scenes. I don't think it had nearly enough. [/sarcasm] Now Charlie is kind of just trying to embed himself into her life. But hey, it seems to work eventually. I don't know why that technique never worked for me. The psychic. Despite him coming out as a fraud later to Eko, I still think he actually saw something with Claire... Mostly due to his freaked out reaction. He probably isn't used to it actually working. It was never confirmed nor denied, but I really believe that was possibly the only time anything's actually happened for him.

"He wuz troying to hught moi boy-bee." Oh Scott and Steve. Some of the best extras ever. The biggest unanswered mystery of the show: why is Hurley his nickname? WHY?!?! Thomas is the deadbeat father of the year. He could have at least waited until it was born, geez. I love how frightened Hurley is of Locke. Oh Ethan... Little did we know then who he really was. I like his subtle jab at the fact that no one knows he wasn't on the plane. Jack has horrible bed-side manners. He could have handled that whole "giving Claire the sedatives" thing a lot better. Oh shut up, Charlie.

Man this psychic won't give up on Claire keeping the baby. He should be a motivational speaker or something. Hurley trying to get the manifest from Sawyer is a wonderful scene. "Screw off?" Hurley/Sawyer scenes are kind of rare early on, but they are always great. Oh no! Baby might be coming even though I know it isn't. Get Jack! Man, giving away a baby gets you some good money. I need to give away some babies! I'll be rich! But Claire, think of the money! Yes Ethan is the perfect person to send for Jack. I hope he gets him fast! ...or maybe he'll just come and take Claire away. Whatever.

The psychic knew she'd almost die in a plane crash! Either way, the baby isn't coming now... Of course, neither is Jack. Ethan wasn't on the plane... That was a pretty huge reveal back in the day. Now, it merely serves as a set-up for the next episode.

s01e11 - All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

What?! Ethan wasn't on the plane?!?! Oh wait, I knew that. Locke and his tracking skills. "A Hobbit lay here... and the other." Jack never believes anything. Like a person being dead for instance. No, YOU call it. No, YOU call it. This is when Boone teams up with Locke for the first time. Fine, you don't want me in your party, I'll throw my own! Jack and his father arguing is a running theme in the show, even down to the last episode! "I might not be a warrior, but I am going south!" That gets my vote for quote of the episode. Jack argues with Locke almost as much as he does with his dad.

Technically, Kate and Jack took the correct trail... but whatever, Locke and Boone find a hatch! A box company owned by Hurley, nonetheless. Jack is erratic. I wonder why anyone follows him in anything at all. Sure, guilt your son into saving your career. The greater good. So you lose a few patients here or there because you're drunk off your ass. Ya gotta think of the big picture here.

Now Sayid is afraid of Sawyer. Ha! Serves you right. Of course, Sawyer is awesome and really has no intention of causing any harm. Walt is far too lucky. Man, if only Hurley had given Walt the $20,000 he owed him in the post-series clip. It would have been a better gift than the Apollo bar. Locke's got crazy weather-prediction skills. That sounded like a combination of Claire and the Hurley bird. Ethan is kicking the crap out of Jack. Ethan SMASH!

One thing you have to give Jack, he's pretty strong in his convictions. Sometimes he's a bit too stubborn though, but otherwise, it's a good trait to have. Turning your dad in and killing his career due to your convictions is pretty hardcore, really. Especially to his face. That takes guts. Yet another almost-death for Charlie... He is hanging from a tree. The Island really has it in for that man. Technically, you could chalk this up to an actual death and then resurrection. Cuz that man is pretty gone. Oh he's back now.

I'd say traumatized is a fairly correct state to be in after an experience like that. "No Boone, we're not lost." Yes you are. That's the name of the damn show.

s01e12 - Whatever The Case May Be

Kate's climbing trees again. So what else is new? Oh crap, this is the one with the briefcase, isn't it? Well at least there's a lot of Sawyer. "Me Kate. Me throw rock!" That water does look quite refreshing. I kind of want to go swimming now. Wait, is this the same waterfall slash pond from Cocktail?! God I hope not.

I don't understand how people can open their eyes in normal water, but this murky green water seems like it would be even worse. Oh geez, they're arguing about moving inland again. Good, they're done. Now talk about tides and map translations and equations... what Lost does best. Second only to squabbles between relatives. Thank you, Boone and Shannon, for returning the show back to sibling rivalry. (Oddly, what the show really, truly comes down to.) Oh no, Kate's in the midst of a bank robbery! I hope she survives... Kate is on top of someone again. This happens way too often to be healthy.

Ooo Shannon in a bikini! Also happens too often to be healthy, but I am not complaining. I think Sayid is using "translate papers in French" as a euphemism for sex. Oh Rose... This show suffered from a lack of Rose. She should have been in far more episodes than she was really. Kate is a middle-school student with a growth speed issue, right? Because she sure acts like it. Wait, Kate the criminal is one of the robbers?! Shock!

Oh yeah, this was before anyone but Michael knew about Sun's language ability. I think it was the raft-burning episode that brings that to light. Charlie is kind of cynical... and Rose is just about the perfect person to talk to him right now. "Maybe I should have died." I've thought that this whole time. Charlie is/was supposed to die. Digging up the marshal... Nothing stays buried on this island for long. Back to the bank robbery. Now back to corpse digging upping. I'm glad Jack didn't fall for her sleight-of-hand. Things like that make me like Jack more. He ain't no fool. Well, not much of one at least.

"The sea of silver sparkles that change." Makes perfect sense to me. Threatening to withhold medication from a patient in order to get something from him... Great doctoring there Jack. I'm sure there's something in the Hippocratic oath about that. I think the guy from St. Tropez's kid hated you because you probably broke up his parents' marriage, Shannon.

Anyways, I think this episode is when I officially didn't like (or care about) Kate at all. All this unnecessary drama and nonsense for a little toy plane. Drags tons of people in, occasionally causing them to die, just for the sake of her having that little toy that belonged to a guy she thinks she loved (but used and caused the death of)... What a selfish, moronic, immature bitch.

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