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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 1, Disc 4

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s01e13 - Hearts And Minds

Okay, it's been a bit since I last beefed, but I'm back. Ooo an eye. But whose eye? Boone's eye. RUN'S HOUSE! I think my stereo remote needs new batteries. I think I'll get new batteries while Hurley is pestering Boone about boar. Boone flashback... I like Boone. I also like the hatch. I want to live inside the hatch... it's pretty neat in there, but I'm getting ahead of the show. Hurley wanting to catch fish is a really fun B-story. Or would it be C-story, considering there's now a Jack/Kate thing forcing its way into the episode. Sun has started a garden. Is this the episode where Kate finds out Sun can speak English? I like Sun, but she was wasted through seasons 5 and 6. Oh good, back to the hatch. Locke is stirring up some concoction which he will eventually drug Boone with. Man, Locke is just full of knowledge... How do people not love this man?! Hurley and Jin scenes are fun too. "You just said something mean, didn't you?" Boone wants to tell Shannon about the hatch, and now Locke has beat him over the head...

...and tied him up. Locke always has a plan. Sawyer/Boone crossover in the Sydney police station. Those little crossover bits thrilled me when I first watched this. Yep, there's Sun accidentally revealing that she speaks English. Now Michael and Kate know... Hurley's makeshift flannel net is hilarious. "You're gonna have to pee on my foot, man!" Locke just ran into Sayid and gave him a compass. Apparently Locke knows his way around the jungle well enough that he no longer needs it. Locke tied up Shannon too apparently, as far as Boone believes. Now he thinks they're being chased by the smoke monster... His hallucinatory state is frightening.

One of the earliest hints at the electromagnetic properties of the island, Sayid notices the compass doesn't work right. "At least, I think it's East." I think Boone should just NOT try to help people... it always gets him into trouble somehow. Between Shannon using him, people drowning, or falling off a cliff and dying, he just doesn't have the best luck in being helpful. Jack/Locke scenes are few and far between, but they are the BEST scenes of the whole series... far better than Kate/anyone scenes, that's for sure. "Your wife's hot." Well said, Hurley. "Over the lips, past the gums, yadda yadda... Oh god." Oh yeah, Claire's still gone... Charlie's still all mopey. "Trust him? No offense mate, but if there's one person I would put my absolute faith in to save us all, it would be John Locke." That has always been one of my favourite lines from this show. Now imaginary-Shannon is bitching at Boone. Man, if I had a Shannon in my mind, she's be a lot nicer and far more naked. Uh oh, more smoke monster. I wonder if THAT part is real, or just in his imagination as well... and it's got fake-Shannon.

Now drunk flashback-Shannon is coming on to Boone... and hallucina-Shannon is dead. Poor fake dead Shannon. Oh well. Boone is pissed at Locke, but only for a short bit until Locke explains how drugs work. "Time to let go." No, that's for season 6.

s01e14 - Special

WALT! Michael's looking for Walt... again. Seriously, has anyone counted how many times Michael shouts out Walt's name in this series?? Oh, he's named after Michael's dad... I wonder if Michael shouted "DAD!" a lot as a kid, like Walt does. Aha, Walt is learning how to throw knives. Michael won't be happy about this, for certain. Michael really hates Locke.

These maple cookies are delicious. That loft apartment is really bare. I think that wall needs something more than just bricks. Michael's wife is leaving him and trying to take the kid. "I'm gonna have to take the boy." Sayid and his map... and now Michael and his raft. It did turn out to be a pretty solid raft, I must admit. Aw shit, Michael just got run over by a car. In a flashback, that is... not on the island. Although, there ARE vans on the island, so technically that could have happened. It just didn't.

Charlie wants Claire's diary, but Sawyer has it. "Diary, the little limey runt just won't let up." Shannon's getting jealous of Locke for taking Boone's attention away. Locke is telling Walt to listen to his father, and still Michael gets pissed off at him. Walt's right, Michael IS a jerk. Oh no, he burned the polar bear comic book! Walt is mad and will be summoning a polar bear soon, just like he will have done with the birds in the up-coming flashback. Wait, what tense is that?! Future past tense? He will do it in the past in a little bit... Whatever. Michael may be a jerk, but his ex-wife is really low. She's practically extorting full custody from Michael when he's poor, helpless, and in a wheelchair.

Yeah, take THAT jerk-Michael. I actually do like Michael, but he's aggravating as all get-out. Aw, Charlie's in love with the missing pregnant girl. That sort of thing happened to me once. Okay so it didn't... but it will have happened in the future past flashback coming up! Aha, there's the birds smacking into the door. If anyone hasn't seen the missing piece called "Room 23" it's a great addition to Walt's bird abilities. (Info and link to watch it HERE.) Honestly, I think Walt's magnetic field increases when he's emotionally charged, which could explain things like birds being drawn to him. After all, he's "special" right?

They really do a good job at making Michael's character sympathetic, but he's still annoying with his attitude and constant shouting. Now he has to accept Locke's help to save Walt from the polar bear... Maybe this will help ease his anger towards Locke, but probably not. Aww and Vincent is still missing... again. This scene with the box of letters is a pretty good bonding scene between Michael and Walt. It almost makes up for all the anger and shouting. Charlie noticed something in Claire's diary. Hey, she mentioned the Black Rock... I forgot about that. Oh, and now she's back.

s01e15 - Homecoming

Yes, that's right folks... Claire's back... and she has amnesia!! Now Charlie's trying to flirt with the pregnant amnesiac. This was a pretty good Charlie episode. I like the flashback story of him attempting to clean-up and go straight. Ethan's back, and he just knocked out Jin. Smart move considering how bad-ass Jin turns out to be. Ethan wants Claire back. Charlie and Ethan fighting over Claire. Oh the crazy love triangles on this show.

One of their big plans for security that just simply fails... The Others must be laughing it up, watching them prepare their little traps and alarms. The scene at dinner reveals a bit of vulnerable honesty from Charlie, when he's talking about his band's future. "I think that Drive Shaft might be... dead." Boone fell asleep on the job. Bad Boone. And now Scott's dead. "I guess old Steve drew the short straw." Boone really should stop trying to help. Funny thing is, the guy who died claimed his name was Steve in a prior episode when someone called him Scott. This show has the best funerals. "I'm sorry I kept calling you Steve."

I really do wish things had worked out for Charlie and that Lucy chick. Aside from her wearing the pants in their relationship, she would have been good for him. Oh well, he has a pregnant girl who can't remember him now. The cool island music definitely adds to this "screwing up a work presentation" montage. Yes, because every plan involving guns on this island works out wonderfully.

Jack versus Ethan, round 2. Ethan's still winning. Ah, but Jack has backup. Yeah, great job Charlie. Shoot the prisoner. How did he get so good at shooting anyways? It's hard being an ex-junkie. No one seems to trust you to do anything.

s01e16 - Outlaws

I love a good Sawyer episode. And this is definitely a pretty good one... with the exception of the "I Never" scene with Kate. I think that is one of the worst scenes of this entire series. Sawyer chased a boar into the jungle and now he's hearing whispers. That's never a good thing. I like it when Sayid and Sawyer are civil with each other, almost friendly sometimes even. Oh hey, it's Agent John Doggett. Oh the "Tampa Job". Can you believe there are some fans that still claim the Tampa job is one of the IMPORTANT unexplained mysteries of this show?! Yeah, those people are idiots.

Oh good, Kate is going to try to get the gun back from Sawyer. This ought to prove to be annoying. Charlie and Hurley trying to bury Ethan is great. I really like the dynamic between the two of them. Oh god, the "I Never" scene. This is friggin' moronic, and Kate is pretty much at the peak of annoyance here. Oh thank god THAT's over. Back to the boar hunt. Leave it to Kate to completely miss the point of a parable.

I feel bad for the food truck guy Sawyer kills. He seems like an honestly friendly guy. Of course, it's his talk with Jack's dad that inspires him to go back and shoot the guy. Great job, Christian. Aww the cute little baby boar. I want a pet boar. Oh and of course, he didn't even kill the right guy. "It'll come back around." This wood-cutting scene makes me think ahead to another wood-cutting scene where Sawyer tells Jack about when he met his father. I'm fairly certain Sawyer was the one cutting wood in that scene...

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