Friday, January 25, 2013

Live-Beefing LOST: Season 2, Disc 2

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s02e05 - ...And Found

Alright, I'm back. It's been a while, thanks to holidays and other fun retail "start of the year" sort of events... but I'm back, and this time I'm mad! Wooo!! Okay, let's get into this. Claire and Sun washing things by the ocean. Ah yes, Sun has lost her wedding ring. Oh the excitement of season 2... a missing ring. I really think people forget how slowly paced the first couple seasons were. "Love will look orange." I think that's the same for most of us. Man, this show doesn't waste any time at all does it! It just gets right down to the nitty gritty of people sitting quietly in a dark, damp room. I really hate Ana Lucia.

Well that's kind of nice. My blu ray puts the subtitles out of the way of the credits. Intelligent discs are nice. Oh good gravy, I hate Ana Lucia. Sun, if you're looking for your ring, feel free to check MY pockets... Just reach on in there! Jack should have been a therapist instead of a surgeon. He's actually pretty good at one-on-one chats when he's needed. Oh god, shut up Ana Lucia! Someone needs to shoot her. Yeah Jin! You show her up! Now if only she'd take that as a hint to not be such a bitch.  It was nice of that man to give Jin a job, but he's still kind of a dick. I hate snooty rich people. I do like Mr. Eko though. He's cool. Michael ran off into the jungle?!? Well that's a first!!

Eko don't take no crap from Ana Lucia. "Seoul, is that in the good Korea or the bad Korea?" Nice attempt at tact, Hurley. Oo, I'll gladly be matched up with Sun! This Korean observer guy is really bland. Sun could do much better than him. Of course, she'd rather cheat on Jin with the bland bald guy... So I guess that shows her taste in men is not that great. These boar really love attack people head-on. Goodwin! Goodwin's body ends up in some weird places. Not only is this NOT where Ana Lucia killed him, but it's also not where Ben showed Juliet the body. I like to think about Locke standing just out of sight, watching Sun tear up her garden. "The same way anything lost gets found. I stopped looking."  I love how they made Hawaii look like so many different countries. The Others are a lot more dirty and creepy here than they ever are again. Still no real good explanation on that one.

Oh really guy, there HAS to be other places your kid can pee. What grungy dad would really pick the fanciest hotel he KNOWS he's not allowed in? I'd find a fast food restaurant or a store or something. I think he was just trying to get Jin into trouble. I bet the kid didn't even have to pee either. "I'm sick of everyone saying he's alright..." Okay fine, he's dead. Feel better? No, Ana Lucia's not married. Who would want to marry that?? I'd sooner rather marry Kate... like Malcolm Reynolds did. But see how that worked out for him.

WALT!!! It's like Michael's entire character is stuck in an infinite loop. "They took him... right out of my hands..." Oh NOW Kate's all butt-hurt that she didn't say goodbye to Sawyer. Maybe she should have thought of that at the time. Idiot. Oh good, she found the ring. Now we can move on to a more exciting storyline.

s02e06 - Abandoned

Well, Shannon seeing freaky Walt visions is definitely more interesting than the missing ring... I think I'll accept it. Well look who's back with the tail people. "I do this for all the girls I meet on deserted islands." Somehow Sayid, I don't doubt that. Oh good, now we get to the backwards-talking, dripping wet Walt visions. I was worried this story was going to drag a bit more before it actually got going. "You heard screaming so you woke up the baby and ran towards them?!" Shannon is believable as a ballet instructor. Aaaaaand Shannon's dad just got killed by Jack's future wife. Bad but not real bad. Really helpful, Libby. Shannon wants to curl up in a ball of Walt's clothes, I guess. Oh, never mind. She just wants Vincent to smell it. I was close.

"The cradle's great. It's the baby that's the problem." Well then I suggest you get rid of it! You were going to anyways. Boone! I get happy when Boone comes back. Apparently so does Shannon. I don't get why anyone doesn't like this whole "being stranded on a tropical island" thing. It seems so peaceful, provided you don't bother the Others. Charlie and Locke, dueling over a baby. Excitment!! Someone please punch Ana Lucia in the throat. Actually, her voice sounds like someone already did... Oh please Michael, don't ask her questions. Great, now she's talking. See what you did, Michael? Way to go.

Shannon's friend there is pretty cute. Why don't we get an episode about HER?! I bet she has some interesting back-story. Wait, she's shrill. Never mind. Oh no, Shannon's poor! How will she survive?! Oh that's right... Use Boone for money. I love backgammon. I don't love the jealousy feud over Claire and the baby between Locke and Charlie here though. It's kind of awkward and weird. But I do love me some backgammon. A rare bonding moment between Sawyer and Michael. And now Sawyer's dead.

Oh wait, no... He's just unconscious. I was going to say: I don't remember him dying this early on. It IS Lost though, so maybe it changes every time you watch it! Now that would be one hell of a show, if someone could figure out how to do that. A "choose your own adventure" blu-ray-based television program. I'm sure it could be done with some good backing. By how many people DON'T know about the discovery of the bottle, it's obvious that Hurley hasn't been told yet. If he knew, then everyone would know and it wouldn't be such a surprise. Cindy's gone and it's all your fault, Sawyer! If you hadn't been shot, Cindy would still be here! Oh, it's Eko's fault according to Ana Lucia.

Of course, just when Shannon becomes a bit interesting, she dies. Typical of Lost, but I guess she won't be missed quite that much. Maybe if she had been less annoying throughout her whole run, then we might care a bit more. Honestly though, Ana Lucia should have just died now instead of Shannon. Then Shannon can be killed by Michael later, and the ghost of Boone can seek revenge. That would have been a fun little storyline with an added bonus of more Boone! Way to go Ana Lucia. You suck.

s02e07 - The Other 48 Days

Woah! A plane crash! I've never seen that before on this show. And now the show introduces us to all sorts of characters that will die and we will never, ever see again. Libby's opinions on what's bad and what's not that bad should never be trusted. Oh man, I hope Bernard makes it out of this tree. Phew, he made it. Eko has a much more calming personality than Ana Lucia. It's no wonder people called him "black Locke" although I find that a bit racist. Oh neat, black Locke killed some people!

I was waiting for Ana Lucia to say "If we can't live together..." but Cindy cut her off. Man, the days are just flying by! You're not allowed to go to the bathroom without a buddy? Man, Ana Lucia is a harsh boss. Maybe they keep taking people to save them from Ana Lucia. The Others really like their lists.

Wow, she reeeeally hates it when people go to the bathroom. "He wasn't on the plane." I never saw him go to the bathroom, not once. To be fair, Nathan does seem to go to the bathroom a LOT. Almost as much as Paulo. What!? Goodwin is the mole?!? I never saw that coming!!

I am really bored with this episode. Maybe at the time it aired it was interesting, but it really doesn't do well in re-watch. It's all just a bunch of Ana Lucia being bitchy, and people whimpering. Finding The Arrow and Mikhail's glass eye were kind of intriguing... and a radio. Now this just feels like a video game. Ana Lucia kills a lot of people. Some of them more interesting than others, but still... She's a bad person. Further proof: she just shut off Boone. I am going to blame her for his death now.

I know I am supposed to feel all sympathetic towards Ana Lucia or whatever... but I don't. Ana Lucia killed Boone. She must die.

s02e08 - Collision

Oh great, an Ana Lucia episode. I may not be writing much during this one, considering I am trying to keep my blog relatively low on profanities. Yeah, every time she opens her mouth and tries to act tough, I just want to kill small puppies. Oh and now Kate and Jack are trying to flirt again.

Yeah, I think I am going to sit this one out... Fucking piece of shit, I hate Ana Lucia.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pleasure Garden (1925)

A girl seeks fame and fortune at all costs, while another searches for true love. A story of lies, betrayal, romance, and murder.

Beefing on Hitchcock
The Pleasure Garden (1925)

Jill is a girl who comes to London with dreams of becoming a famous dancer and will stop at nothing to accomplish her dream. After her life savings get stolen from her, she befriends another dancer named Patsy who gives her a place to live and a shot at getting an audition. Jill forcefully demonstrates (what I suppose could be called) her dance moves for the owner of The Pleasure Garden Theater, and he is so impressed that he hires her immediately, allowing her to name her price.

Climbing the ladder of success, she tosses aside her fiance Hugh and new friend to live on her own and romance a supposed prince. Meanwhile, Patsy marries Levet (a friend of Jill's forgotten fiance) who leaves her behind for a life of debauchery in Africa. Convinced her husband is sick, Patsy finds him in the arms of another woman, and fate throws her into the presence of Hugh, who is not only deathly ill but ignorant of Jill's abandonment. Conflict arises when Levet finds his wife caring for his friend, leading to a climactic end.

I can honestly say I wasn't expecting much from Alfred Hitchcock's directorial debut. Not that I underestimate silent film; more that "first films" of classic, well-regarded film-makers usually tend to be lacking, especially in comparison to their later, better known works. Well, I will gladly and happily admit that The Pleasure Garden caught me off-guard by not only being very well made, but also having an incredibly solid story.

Were it made today, I don't think there would be quite enough story to fill a whole movie, but at a good 75 minutes length it works quite well for its era. Possibly the first thought I had once the movie ended was that it could have worked very well as an episode of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television show.

A very good first movie from one of the (if not THE) most famous directors ever, I am sure I will watch The Pleasure Garden many more times over the years.