Monday, February 11, 2013

Chicago @GSMPodcasts Meet-Up Info

Hey again people! Here's the plan as it sits:

Saturday, March 9th, 2013 - 6:00 PM
Lou Malnati's on State Street, just a block or so south of Division. (1120 N State St, Chicago, IL)

It's close to the CTA Red Line, and both the 36 and 22 bus routes. We'll meet up around 6 (I will be getting there a few minutes early I'm sure) and then we'll dine on pizza and good food products!  AFTER we're all done and full, some of us will be going to the bowling alley mentioned below for bowling until they kick us out!!


Also, please comment or tweet me if I am forgetting anything.

Alright hi! The date has been fixed on the 9th of March, so no changes there... but we've decided to swap the order of event. Pizza and then bowling (for any who want to stay out late and bowl).  The bowling alley is open until midnight, so it not only seems more logical this way but also might work best for those who want to just join in for pizza.  Tentative time is most likely going to be 7:00pm for meeting up at the pizza place... possibly 6:30. I'll add another update once that's settled.

For all FRINGE fans who want to meet up in Chicago, the (most likely fixed) date for the meet-up is Saturday, March 9, 2013. We're currently planning an afternoon event of bowling, with an evening event of pizza at one of the many Lou Malnati's loations in Chicago. Anyone wanting to come can join us at either or both!

The bowling will most likely be at Lucky Strike Lanes, (322 E Illinois St) [LINK] which has a pretty nice lounge attached, as well as a movie theater if anyone wants to skip bowling and be anti-social instead! It's closer to bus lines than train (a short walk from the Red Line Grand stop) but I've personally been there for food and movie, so I know it's a nice, fun, comfortable atmosphere. (and has better reviews than most alleys I've looked at)

As for the pizza, there are many Lou Malnati's locations, and I haven't settled on which as of yet. I'm considering either the location on Wells (off the Brown Line Merchandise Mart stop) or State Street (off the Red Line Division stop). I've personally been to the State St/Division location, but the other is closer to the Loop. If anyone prefers one over the other feel free to let me know in the comments to this post!

Times have not been set yet, but there will be sufficient time between bowling and pizza, so no one feels rushed.

As for anyone who actually wants to come from out of town/area, I can only really recommend the Days Inn on Diversey (644 West Diversey Parkway). I have stayed there, as has my family, and it's clean, comfortable, safe, and friendly. It's smack between Lincoln Park and Lakeview areas, so it's a really safe area... Also, I live a few blocks away, so anyone can transit to bowling with me if they'd like!

That's all I have for now.  I'll be adding/editing this post as things solidify.  Please comment below with any suggestions, issues, or even just to let me know if you're hoping to come!!  To contact me directly, I am on twitter @theunabeefer.