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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 2, Disc 3

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s02e09 - What Kate Did

Okay, so it's been a while. I was busy fuming over my hatred for Ana Lucia, but I think I am a bit better now and can tackle some more re-watch. Aww, Sun and Jin. So sweet! Jin got the thumbs up from Hurley... Probably because he heard everything that went on in that tent last night. Okay, so Sawyer is in the hatch now, being cared for by Jack. Sawyer loves Kate, who is once again in a tree. She's always in a tree... aaaand she sees a horse. If it was a white horse, I'd say they were just ripping off Twin Peaks. Well, after having an Ana Lucia episode that I promptly cursed at and skipped past, a Kate episode doesn't seem quite so bad. As much as I generally dislike Kate, I really don't blame her one bit for blowing up her step-dad. I actually think she was spot on in her actions there.

Kate's mom is kind of an idiot. Now I guess we see where Kate got it. "What did you do?" Funeral time! This time for Shannon... Oh geez, Sayid is gonna whimper and mope publicly. Well, that was brief. I always found it funny how they killed off Shannon JUST when she was starting to grow on me. Oh well, on with the show and the Hawaiian music! Kate's missing now, Sawyer is on the floor, and the alarm is sounding. Way to abandon your post, Kate. "Do you think there are horses here?" Kate thinks she's losing her mind... and the way she's acting, I'd be tempted to believe her. And now we see the first meeting with her nemesis, the Federal Marshal. If you're gonna have a nemesis, make it a federal agent! I don't get why everyone seems to WANT to be involved in all the drama that goes on here. If I was on that island, I'd be content to just sit and relax... maybe play some golf. That's about it. Oh geez, Kate is flipping out at Jack now... For the love of... Now she's crying. Kate's kissing Jack now... aaaand she runs off.

I want a DVD of every Dharma video ever. Including maybe some unreleased ones. They should just make a whole "Dharma Orientation" DVD for fans to spend money on. I would buy it. Kate and Sayid talking... rivetting television. At least that mini-scene moved the story along a bit. Kate really has a way of getting herself into MORE trouble than she was already in. It's proof of how smart she is. I really liked Eko. There were times I felt he was a bit too one-dimensional, but in all I liked him. Ooo, the missing piece of film! "So, Rose's husband is white. Didn't see that coming." Kate's visiting her dad, who by the way was the man who recruited Sayid for torturing... Apparently Kate's step-dad was her REAL dad. She found out, and that's why she killed him. Makes sense in a weird Kate sorta way, I suppose. She really is one messed-up little girl. It makes me wonder about the fans who say they relate the most to her. Of course, I am a fan of Locke, so what does that say about me? "Am I in a bunk bed?"

This episode ends eventually, right? Because I'm fairly certain it started 5 hours ago. I need to pee, but I don't want to miss Locke and Eko splicing film strips! "Don't mistake coincidence for fate." Now Sawyer's seeing horses too. Why do people think they're going crazy when they see horses?! I would just think "Oh neat, a horse." After all the weird things they've seen on this island, a horse is just about the most normal thing you can think of. Oh good, Ana Lucia. Why even have that scenelet with Ana Lucia?! That was pointless. Okay back to the Dharma video. I wonder how using the computer to contact the outside world could lead to another incident, now that we know what the incident was... And Michael is going to have an online chat buddy now, I guess. Oh good! The end of the episode!! Now I can pee.

s02e10 - The 23rd Psalm

Considering the Nigerian kids playing kickball, you can pretty much bet this will be an Eko episode. Yep, little Eko just shot a man. "A born killer." Claire really puts a lot of focus on Charlie's heroin statue. Now how did Eko know there was heroin in there?! Oh wait, I know this already. Michael wants a gun. Mr Eko was a drug trafficker mob boss guy in Nigeria. That's a pretty cool gig... if you're into that sorta thing, I mean. "You have no soul." He was ruthless... and so is Claire. Michael's about as smart as Kate in his impulsive bad-idea thing.

Eko just got a whiff of the smoke monster. Oh the differences between brothers. Eko's brother is a priest, while Eko is a mob boss. Like black and white. Oh thank heavens. I was worried they weren't going to get back to that haircut that Kate mentioned in the previous episode. I wouldn't want them leaving us hanging! Will she give Sawyer a haircut or won't she?! ... Now we know that she DID! Thank you Lost for answering all the important questions!! Eko knew the dead priest with the gun and gold tooth. Small world. This is a nice church, Yemi... It would be a shame if something were to happen to it. "I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it." Eko is staring down the smoke monster. Yeah, take that smokey!!

I think Michael's up to something. Poor Yemi, getting pulled into his brother's bad deeds... and getting killed for it. They must be getting high off all those heroin fumes right about now. Maybe that's why they just randomly started quoting scripture. Or they just felt they needed to say something, and that's the only verse they knew. Aww Hurley and Libby are so cute!! Claire's kinda bitchy... oh well. Charlie doesn't need her. He has loads of heroin statues!

s02e11 - The Hunting Party

Oops, I forgot to write about this episode so far. Michael has Jack at gunpoint now. He's already knocked out Locke. He's going to go after his son. They took him right out of his hands. Kate and Sawyer now have to rescue Jack and Locke from the armory  This chick really is not subtle on her intentions towards Jack. Do you get the sense Jack's marriage is having a bit of trouble? I sure do. Not that they were really that good together anyways. Of course, they leave Kate behind.

Hurley is a good source of information. If you don't love Jin by this point, you're a moron. Jack's dad ain't no dummy. He can see right through that very obvious skank trying to get with Jack. Locke ain't no dummy either... He knows more about Sawyer than Sawyer wants him to. "It's an interesting name, that's all. Who'd you get it from?"

Chasing a Michael who doesn't want to be chased through a jungle. This is the best plan ever. Gabriella? That's her name?! Geez, Jack... You really just put yourself into a bad situation there, didn't you? Wow, she went from sobbing to smooching in nothing flat, didn't she? Yay! Tom Friendly! He's such a great character. Hurley is thinking about asking out Libby! They are so cute! "This music is quite depressing." You tell him, Tom! This is a good scene... Jack calls Tom's bluff, and Tom proves him wrong. Bet Jack felt kind of dumb there. Of course, they caught Kate. Kate is such a useful asset, isn't she? And you think Kate would learn from this and all the other times she's messed everything up... but no, you'd be wrong.

Big shocker. Jack's wife was cheating on him and decided to leave him. I bet Jack kinda wishes he went for it with that skank back at the hospital. I'm sure if he called her up, he could have some rebound sex... I wonder if he did. Dang it, Lost, why do you leave us with all these loose ends?!? I really think this is an important issue that we should tweet Damon about right now! "You will always need something to fix." She knows Jack pretty well. Great, another Ana Lucia / Jack scene. Thank god THAT ended fast.

s02e12 - Fire + Water

Charlie's having a bad dream about Christmas. I wonder if the butcher with the chopped off baby heads is a reference to the infamous Beatles album cover. Oh yeah, this is the whole "I need to baptize the baby." episode. This one kind of annoys me... a lot. Charlie annoys me in this one, as does everyone who gets all mad at Charlie throughout the whole episode... and Locke actually annoys me too. Mostly, it's just a lot of people not listening to each other or anyone... and nobody gives a thought to actual facts or reasoning. I could just generally do without this episode as a whole.  I think I'll just watch and occasionally say something if I think of it.

Here's Charlie being the responsible one, while his brother is all strung out and useless. Charlie has some weird dreams. Aww that was nice of Sawyer, making the first move FOR Hurley. "Pretty much everybody has seen Walt wandering around the jungle, but when it's Charlie it must be the bloody drugs, right?" The Bubbies diapers commercial! I love this bit! Okay, so this has some great Hurley / Libby scenes, so I don't have quite so much against this episode. I could do without the Charlie storyline though. Just give me Hurley and Libby.

Yeah, that's kind of an incorrect explanation of baptism, just sayin'... Charlie started the fire, but Billy Joel did not. Liam sold Charlie's piano? That's really not nice of him... especially since he's all "Oh I'm trying to get clean, so I decided to do something a junkie would have done by selling YOUR property." Way to be, Liam. Geez, Locke, you didn't need to HIT him. No one listens on this episode. I hate people. Yet another incorrect explanation of baptism. Oh well, I suppose this might be a Catholic view. Not really sure. Oh well, it's over now. Until next time!!

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