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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 2, Disc 6

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s02e21 - ?

We last left off with the fantastic death of Ana Lucia. Thank heavens... now we only have to put up with her in the flashbacks and afterlife and whatever. Oh, and I suppose in Eko's dream. "Well hello yourself." Apparently Eko's dead brother wants John to take him to the Question Mark. Because that's totally a normal thing. There's a lying Michael... oh and a dead Ana Lucia... aaaaand and almost dead Libby. Poor Libby. Yeah, don't act like you really care, Michael. Jack has some serious control issues.

Oh yes, the dead girl who has come back to life. I actually really like this episode. Not only is she the daughter of Claire's fraud psychic, but it turns out she really did have an afterlife experience, and spoke to Eko's dead brother. Between that and what I assume the psychic really saw/felt, it shows that the reach of the source's magic stretches much farther than just the island itself. "Tell me John, haven't you ever followed a dream?" Yeah, Jack really does have some serious control issues. He just HAS to make himself in charge of everything, or he flips out.

Of course, Sawyer's stash was right under his bed. Definitely a believer that the best place to hide is right out in the open. Awww, poor Hurley. Ha! Locke had a dream as Eko seeing Yemi. Now if that's not projection... That dead girl's pretty cute. I love dead Australian chicks. Even the fake psychic doesn't believe in miracles. Personally, I think one actually happened here, and the man is just ignorant of it due to lack of faith. Locke is afraid Eko will die like Boone... Oh hey, a question mark.

So yeah, the plane just happens to land on a hatch door. Because that's not coincidence at all. Aww, poor Hurley!! Yeah, Michael, you SHOULD feel bad. Asshole. At least Ana Lucia's dead though. And now, we see The Pearl hatch. This was a real mind-fuck when it first aired. Was it ALL an experiment? Was THIS hatch just a social experiment?? Was the whole Dharma Initiative just merely a study?!? What's going on?!?!? Man, I still reeeally want an entire DVD of these (and many other) Dharma videos. Are you listening Bad Robot?! We want Dharma videos on a DVD!!! The Hanso Foundation, copyright 1980. This was after the incident at the Swan, of course... and before the purge. "I was never meant to do anything!" So now Locke has lost faith. I don't like faith-less Locke quite so much, but it makes a good juxtaposition for Eko's faith. "How can you say this is meaningless?"

Poor poor Hurley... Him being heartbroken is possibly one of the most crushing moments of the series, really. Well if that death face isn't a look of pure fear... Poor Hurley.

s02e22 - Three Minutes

13 Days Ago. I always enjoy this sort of "...and here's what you didn't see..." episodes. Recapping events from a different perspective. That's not a word, Michael. You need to learn to type better. I still don't think he was talking to Walt at all on this thing. That's pretty safe to say, really. I'm sure the fact that they never revealed who he really was talking to is why so many fans are confused about the ending of this show. So many unanswered questions!! I think everyone knows you have a son, Michael. Yeah, burying the dead bodies would be a good idea... although you and I both know that things don't stay buried for long on this island.

Pickett. I hate Pickett. He's such an asshole. He's not like Tom... there is just absolutely nothing likable about him. "You don't get to decide this. It's my son. My call." Man, he's really pushing that "son" thing. I'm starting to think that maybe it's not really his! Yes Charlie, help perpetuate the whole vaccine thing. Michael's back! Oh wait, he's been back. Ooo, the extras are happy about it! "Ana Lucia and Libby." "What happened to them?" I shot them. "They were murdered." me.

And the famous "cross the line" scene... but from a different angle. Alex! I love Alex. She's so cute! ... This scene seems so much shorter than last time. Oh right, condensed for time. Got it. I definitely think Sayid comes in handy here. The logic of him NOT coming along for a mission to battle is pretty non-existent. Aww, Charlie's feeling all neglected because Eko has given up on their church. Are you breaking up with me?! I thought we had something, Eko. You and me, besties forever. Is it me?! Did I do something wrong??

Wow, they really do live in huts... is what people were thinking back when this originally aired. Ms. Klugh seems to doubt that Michael is Walt's real father too. "For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him, Michael." Yeah, that would be a fairly accurate statement. Michael apparently decides who stays and who goes... so maybe that Clash song was directed at him?? I am glad chucking all these heroin statues into the water is cathartic for you, Charlie, but I still think Jack might end up needing some of that later on.

"You're about the closest thing I got to a friend." I reeeeally love these little Jack/Sawyer scenes, where they actually have an honest heart-to-heart talk. Michael seems pretty annoyed that Hurley doesn't want to come with. It's like he has a list or someth--- Ohhhhh. Yeah. He does. Well, did. He burned it. Wow, Michael just got extra-super-black in that line read. That wasn't racist, was it?! "Vincent's great. He misses you!" Shannon died, by the way, so now Vincent is reeeeally lonely.

Another funeral. Eventually people are just going to plop bodies down, roll their eyes, and walk away... So, Sayid is on top of things. Why he was the only one to figure out that Michael had other plans, I have no idea. He was pretty obvious about it, really. I wonder how broken up Neil Frogurt was about Libby's death. I know he had a thing for her and all. Boat? Oh, hey... Boat!

s02e23 - Live Together, Die Alone (Part 1)

If only Libby were alive, she'd recognize the boat... considering it's named for her. Desmond is just so awesome... I was really glad to see him return to the show after his sudden entrance/exit at the start of the season. There was no mistaking that he was a great character, even though they only gave us a small taste at the time. "We are stuck in a bloody snow globe!" And that was for the fans who figured there would be a St. Elsewhere ending to the series. I figure the reason he was in the military jail in the first place was due to his going AWOL and slightly crazy during the events of "The Constant" ...and now he's officially dishonourably discharged. Why, it's Charlies Widmore... with a ton of money. Hi, I'm Sayid and I'm here to briefly recap a conversation we had in the prior episode, for those viewers who missed or forgot about it.

Now Locke wants to NOT push the button... and on top of that, he doesn't want anyone ELSE to either. Oh, Michael's touchy about Kate questioning the veracity of his claims. Libby's lookin' good. I wonder if the mail has come yet... I need my new debit card to arrive already, geez. Kate's trying to be cute again. A giant digital bird. "Did that bird just say my name?" "It did, right before it crapped gold." The fact that so many fans actually thought there was something to that bird, and that it actually said "hurley"... fans are idiots. "With enough money and determination, you can find anyone." Desmond and Penny are the best couple in the series. How could anyone not love them?

I want a Dharma NutriBar. I am hungry. Dharma anything sounds good right about now. Especially some fish-shaped Dharma cheese crackers. Sun is sea-sick... or pregnant... or both. Hey, a four-toed statue! Just think, right now, underneath that thing... Jacob is weaving away at a loom, making a rug or something. Lockdown, part 2. Keep Eko out and then not push the button. Great 2-part plan, if ya ask me. Kelvin! Fantastic actor. If anyone reading has never seen Carnivale, I'd highly recommend it. "Just saving the world." Yes Desmond, you locked out a priest... but not a real one. Now Sawyer thinks the Others are aliens. Yet another theory shout-out for the fans. Not sure if it's true, but I remember hearing that any "theory" mentioned on the show was a joking way of stating that it was incorrect. I am kind of surprised Hurley didn't just kill Michael right then and there... but I guess technically it's not in him to kill anyone like that. Which is why Hurley is the main hero and protector in the end.

s02e24 - Live Together, Die Alone (Part 2)

For doing it all by memory, that map turned out pretty legible and clear. Oh good old Radzinsky. What a twitchy bastard. Okay, so here's where we're at so far... Eko is trying to blow up the blast door (it's called a blast door for a reason, Eko), John and Desmond are trying to NOT push a button, Charlie's just kind of there, Jack and all them are on their way to what they THINK is the Others' beach camp, which is where Sayid already is. I think about sums it up, right? Good.

If I had to push a button every 108 minutes, and I had a failsafe key, I would just use the key. There's no clue what would happen either way, so you might as well just find your way out with the failsafe. Knowing the failsafe should be used if the button ISN'T pressed, then it's obviously meant to be an end-game... so just go for it! If you die in the process, you won't have to worry about it anyways. You'll be dead anyways.

The huts are all empty and the hatch door is a fake. Oh, our traveling party of five (pun intended) has stumbled upon the tubes of notebooks from the Pearl... and they've been going in the wrong direction this whole time. Just dandy. Ooo whispers. I've always been a big fan of these little "out of nowhere" attacks by the Others. So well executed and mysterious. Even Desmond wonders what was the actual experiment... the Swan or the Pearl. Maybe a little of both. Kelvin has been lying to him! The jerk! He's been fixing Desmond's boat this whole time! At least he offered to let Des come with. Great character, great actor. It's kind of sad that he died. The character that is. I'm fairly certain the actor is still alive. Wait, and Desmond didn't remember until now that all this shit happens when you don't push the button?! "I think I crashed your plane."

I hate Pickett. But I LOVE Ben. Yay Ben! "Where's your beard?" So now Desmond WANTS to push the button. This whole button thing is all just so confusing. This show makes no sense. I give up. Awww, a letter from the past from Penny. If only he had read that before the sailing around the world thing, then he wouldn't be in this mess. It seems every time they show this scene, the beam of light gets stronger and brighter. By season 5, it's a huge beam of light blasting up into the sky, visible from miles away. Uh oh, time for the magnetic insanity. "System failure."

Damn right you were wrong. Is the key not metal!? Why is the key not flying away like every other piece of metal around!?! Perhaps it's the non-magnetic kind of metal? Good thing Bernard saw that coming... Claire and the baby would be smushed. Pala Ferry. I don't think I ever paid attention to the ferry sign on the dock before. A bearing of 325. "We're the good guys, Michael." With friends like this, who needs enemas? Penny's people found the island? Gee, if only they had used that failsafe key sooner!!

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