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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 2 Unanswered Questions

So, a brief summary of the season... We discovered the tail-section survivors (what was left of them), killed off a few of them as well as Shannon... We learned more about the Others as well as introduced Ben... Several of our main characters are now hostages, and a few of them imploded the Swan hatch. In all, it was a pretty exciting season, but most of that was at the start and finish of the season. The middle dragged a bit, but not as much as season 1. Okay, on to the questions:

Season 2 Unanswered Questions

Season 2 has 106 total mysteries, 17 unanswered mysteries.

Man of Science, Man of Faith
What is the vaccine that Desmond injects himself with?
-  Unanswered/Debatable
[Live Together Die Alone, The Little Prince, Sundown (It has not been confirmed what "sickness" the vaccine supposedly prevents, but it may be related to the Sickness caused by the influence of the monster, which alters the mental state of the victim)]
How did Walt appear to Shannon, dripping wet and speaking backwards?
-  Unanswered
[I chalk this one up under Walt being "special" that we will probably never really ever find out what the plan was. Based on "The New Man In Charge", I personally think Walt was really "chosen" by the Island for some supernatural purpose. This is what happens when you have a show with a kid who hits puberty.]

What is the current status of Alvar Hanso and the DeGroots?
-  Unanswered
[In the Michael-centric episode "Meet Kevin Johnson" we actually see (and the camera momentarily focuses on) an unconscious man in the bed next to Michael's. That man looked very similar to (ie, exactly like) the man cast as Hanso in promo photos, videos, etc.  According to the "Where Is Alvar Hanso?" ARG between seasons, Hanso was last known to be in a coma somewhere. We can pretty much deduce that man in the bed was Hanso. As for the DeGroots, they might still be in Ann Arbor. It doesn't seem to matter to the big picture though, does it?]

The Other 48 Days
Who did the glass eye in the Arrow belong to?
-  Unanswered
[More deductive reasoning can be applied to assume that the glass eye is Mikhail's, considering we have a glass eye and a character who is seen with an eye patch. Still... it doesn't really matter otherwise.]

What Kate Did
How did Wayne seemingly talk to Kate through Sawyer?
-  Unanswered
[Magic. The Island. The Smoke Monster. Hallucination?! Who cares?]
Why was the orientation film spliced and put in the Arrow?
-  Unanswered
[Radzinsky didn't want anyone to see that bit? I don't think this matters all too much either. I am not worried about it.]

The Hunting Party
Who was Sarah having an affair with?
-  Unanswered
[Aside from Jack's dad? It was that guy we saw across the street waiting for her when she bailed Jack out of jail that time he tried to beat up his dad in the AA meeting... She even states that it doesn't matter who he is, and if it DID matter, they would have told us a name.]

How did Henry Gale die?
-  Unanswered
[Apparently this doesn't matter either. It could have been the Others; it could have been herpes. What difference does it make?]

How did Dave appear to Hurley on the island?
-  Unanswered
[Magic. The Island. Smoke monster. Hallucination?! Whatever... a lot of people appear to a lot of other people on this show.]
Why was Libby in the mental institution?
-  Unanswered
[This is one I actually wish I knew... but yet again, to the big picture, it doesn't matter all too much. We just know what she was there.]

Three Minutes
What are the "tests" the Others made Walt take?
-  Unanswered
[Maybe they were doing some of the tests they would have done on Locke when he was a kid, had he passed the few they DID throw at him... My bet would be to figure out why/how he was special, and if he was to be the next leader.]

Live Together Die Alone
What did Desmond do to be dishonorably discharged from the military?
-  Debatable/Unanswered
[I'm pretty certain it was his going AWOL to get Penny's number (and all the other events/behaviour surrounding that) when he was jumping consciously through time.]
Who built the statue and why?
-  Unanswered
[I am not even going to try to figure that one out. I think it's just to imply that people from all civilizations over every period of time have found some form of access to the Island, and that most of them figured it some form of connection to a deity or supernatural power.]
Why did Radzinsky splice the orientation film?
-  Unanswered
[Pretty much the same question as above... I'm not even sure we could count this one twice, but whoever comprised the list did.]
Why did Radzinsky start drawing the blast door map?
-  Unanswered
[Did you SEE the episodes with Radzinsky?! That guy was unhinged from the get-go. Let's just leave it at that.]
Why did Radzinsky supposedly kill himself?
-  Unanswered
[Same answer as above.]
How does Penny know about the island and its electromagnetic properties, and that Desmond is on it?
-  Unanswered
[Maybe she pestered her father until he told her, after Desmond had been all weird in the past about the date he would contact her, followed a while later by his disappearance during the race around the world... Or Walt appeared to her in a vision. This would be a good one to know, really, but it doesn't keep me up at night.]

Well, there's that. Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts/opinions on the questions, or with comments about my own answers. If there's any from season 2 that you feel were left off this list, they were probably listed as "Answered" and if you ask them below, I will search out the documented answer for you gladly!

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