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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 3, Disc 1

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s03e01 - A Tale Of Two Cities

Oh hey, an eye. We've never seen THAT before. Uhm, you put that CD in upside down, Juliet. Yeah, I am fairly certain this Amelia is Ethan's mom... especially the way she just mocked him about the plumbing. This was always a bit of a mind-blowing season opener. It kind-of set the bar for their season openings from here on out. Far more of a "WTF?!" than Desmond in the hatch. Of course, Jack listens to Glen Miller as he sits around in a car stalking his ex. Because who wouldn't? Doctor in a shark tank. It's a fitting "torture" for someone who just has to be in control of his surroundings at all times. "Kate, you're not my type." Fans went wild on the "Tom is gay" theories, so much the writers eventually just caved. Carl! WARNING! ...aaaand back to Jack. This is like Saw, only different. In Saw, Michael Emerson was watching on a video monitor. Oh wait, that's exactly like this. Never mind.

Jack's ex isn't that great at NOT rubbing it in. Seriously, she's kind of the active cause of his paranoia and obsessive behavior. I was never a Jack/Juliet shipper. He and Kate kind of deserved each other with their stubborn impulsive natures. Juliet and Sawyer was really the only shipping (shipment? Yeah, let's call it shipment from now on) that I was ever actually interested in. Kate looks like a 12 year old boy in a dress. Okay, she has a LITTLE bit more chest... and long hair. But really, not much of a figure going on there. Who wouldn't want to have a beach breakfast with Ben?! That looks like a calm, relaxing, good time. Why Sawyer first? Well, it's alphabeticaaaa-- wait, no, it's not. Never mind.

Yeah, very slick detective work there, Jack. "Why is Sarah calling you, Dad?" Because they had a fling, of course. His dad's lack of answer kind of solidified that in my mind. That and his insistence on calling Ana Lucia "Sarah" doesn't help much. "Let it go, Jack." Yeah, you're definitely a repo man, Jack. Actually right now with the sleeveless t-shirt, you kinda look the part. I really hope Elizabeth Mitchell's horrid acting on Revolution doesn't make me start hating Juliet as much during this re-watch. Great escape plan, Carl. Of course Juliet and Sawyer got together later on. You always end up with the girl who shoots a stun dart into your neck.

Jack is in full stalker mode now! Following his dad into his AA meeting to confront him. It's good to know Jack has a nice history of becoming paranoid and unhinged, because it comes into play after he leaves the island too. I think Jack has a thing against being told to "let it go"... it's like his "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Because if there's anyone who you can believe completely, it's Ben. Yeah, good going Jack. Now you're drowning.

"Hey! You got yourself a fish biscuit. How'd you do that?!" Oh great, Kate is all whimpery again. THEY MADE ME WEAR A DRESS!!! (sob sob sob) Don't give her your fish biscuit! She just had breakfast on the beach!! Selfish woman. The shark tank is called The Hydra. ANSWERS!!! Sarah apparently doesn't understand that sometimes a guy just has to put a face or name to the thought that his wife cheated on him, otherwise it will eat at him for the rest of his life. It's called "closure" Sarah. Geez. She's uncaring and selfish too. At least Jack's beyond that now. But then again, this show was never about the characters... only the mythology and mystery. And now they've officially broken Jack. "Good work, Juliet."

s03e02 - The Glass Ballerina

Oh, they weren't joking when they said "glass ballerina"... There it is right there, and now it's broken. Good job little-Sun. The maid did it. Sure. Sayid and his damn signal fires. That's apparently his thing. What should we do now? Start a signal fire and stick to it!! That is a really well-cleaned wall in the shark tank. It looks brand new. "I want that boat." And what Ben wants, Ben gets.

I really hate Danny Pickett. I was so happy when that asshole died. Sun cheating on Jin knocks her "holier than thou" attitude down quite a few notches. Despite all his flaws, I really like Sun's dad. He's no fool. "Shocked. I said shocked." Kate, you're not really in a bargaining position here, so don't bother trying. I think Sun's dad was having a really hard time keeping this a secret from Jin. His sense of pride and his sense of honour were a bit conflicted... also I honestly believe he felt Jin deserved better than what Sun was doing to him. Look, a dock! And why does the dock have only four toes?!

I love Alex. She's so cute! Stupid Pickett. NO TOUCHING! Oh yes, Sayid's starting another signal fire. GET A NEW THING! I guess season 3 is the season of marital problems. First Jack and Sarah, now Sun and Jin... Okay maybe it's not just this season. But 2 episodes in and each of the flashbacks revolve around the couples' problems and the marriages falling apart. So much lack of communication too. I guess the message is "Communicate more... and with signal fires." When did Jin start to understand English!??! Perhaps it was the immersion into an all-English speaking (semi-)deserted Island...

Kate doesn't have much in the way of strength for cutting rocks. NO TOUCHING!!! Danny just likes shocking Sawyer... actually I think he just has rage and violence issues in general. It's not healthy. People are on the boat, Sun. Get your gun! There was a lot of speculation about whether Jin knew who the bald guy was, in regards to his wife... but I'm fairly certain the bald guy knew who Jin was. And the greatest question is if the guy killed himself, or if he was thrown out by another of Sun's dad's agents... sent to make sure the job got done right. I am thinking it wasn't suicide. Some people even speculated it was Sun that did it, but I seriously doubt that one. "It is not my place to tell him." I reeeeally like Sun's dad.

It's great that of all the people, Sawyer read Juliet as the one who would have shot Kate with no problem... Gasp! They're being monitored! You have NOT lived on this island all of your life, Ben. I guess it's no shock that he'd lie, even when being "honest." This was another great way to toss in a bit of a shock. The Others not only have access to the outside world, but they have video of it as well. Ben will take Jack home... with him. White lies aplenty.

s03e03 - Further Instructions

A naked Desmond running through the jungle. That's always a good thing to wake up to. What I want to know is when Nikki and Paulo are going to show up! "Are they off being mute and building structures as well?" Locke needs to speak to the Island. It's called "communing" Charlie. There's a lot in Eureka, John. A lot of weed. It's also a great place for seafood. They did a decent job of making Hawaii look like Humboldt County though. Locke has hair. "I wouldn't want you to have to start punching yourself in the face." Charlie has some great lines in this episode.

Boone!! It always makes me happy to see Boone show up. This was a really trippy drug-trip sequence here with Boone. One of my favourite sequences in the show, really. SO well-directed and edited. That tent just spat John out like a piece of rotten broccoli. Locke's got himself involved in a pot-growing community. Who doesn't like Geronimo Jackson, really? Dharma Lady... great song. First shot of the imploded Swan hatch. I wish we had more detail on that, but from a production standpoint, it makes sense why not. GREAT reveal of Hurley! "Dude..."

How could anyone NOT get that this kid was a plant?! He just screams "cop trying to hard to fit in undercover" He even looks like a young cop. Not a lot going on in this episode. Naked Desmond again... and they're looking for Eko and a polar bear... but Locke episodes have never been jam-packed with action. They're usually more deep with back-story and philosophy. Jan is really weird looking. She needs dental work really bad. And she should probably lay off the smoking too... Yeah, Locke. These people are real winners. You really choose your friends wisely.

Oh yes, Desmond and his visions of the future. That poor man's mind gets thrown all over time... It's no wonder he seems kind of unhinged at times. Well, they have Eko now. I guess he can go ahead and die soon. I finished my cake. Now what do I eat?! Oh, pizza. Yes. Of course. Amenable for coercion. That sounds like a really bad band. I think it's about time for another Smoke Monster appearance. What say you, writers of Lost? Okay, some creepy dialogue from an unconscious Eko works. Oh hey, Nikki and Paulo. Who the hell are these new people?!? Are we supposed to just believe they've been here the whole time?!?! RAAARGH!! Oh, Locke's aforementioned speech! There's something weird about that Desmond guy...

s03e04 - Every Man For Himself

Desmond is creeping on Claire and the baby. I think he's gay-imprinted on Aaron. You know, like on Twilight... only gay. And on Lost. And there's no vampires (that we know of)... Okay, so it's probably nothing like that. Jack gets to watch cartoons?!? And I'm here stuck watching this. What a rip. He doesn't even WANT to watch cartoons... So ungrateful. Yeah, they make decisions together, like Jack and Locke did in the hatch. Oh Pickett ain't gonna be happy at Sawyer... Someone else killed his wife. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Another good "long con"-ish flashback for Sawyer. I love Sawyer episodes. Ben's pretty good at beating people up, for someone who's continually had his ass beaten on this show. Ben's con on Sawyer is really fantastic. He really knows how to break people. "Hippity hop! Hippity hop!" I love that scene so much!! The casting of Michael Emerson was the best thing to happen to this show. Yep, Kate definitely has the body of a 12-year old boy. Not that I've seen many 12-year old boys' bodies. Well, not recently anyways... When I was 12, they were everywhere. Okay I'm done talking.

I can't believe she actually pressed charges against him for his big long con job!! A baby too?! She's needy. Clementine?! Who names their kid Clementine?! Is this woman living in the 1800's??? And Pickett's wife just flat-lined. Sawyer's gonna get it for this. Yep, Sawyer is definitely to blame for Sun shooting your wife, and Jack not being able to save her. Blame correctly assigned there, I'd say. Why does everyone try to include Sawyer in their poor escape plans?! First Carl, and now Kate. Kate needs to forget that "live together" phrase. I bet Jack regrets saying it every time he hears Kate spout it out. Especially the way she says it... it comes out more like "Live together and we'll die alone" not "OR"... Stupid Kate. I hate Kate. It rhymes too.

Desmond is a man imprinted... I mean, obsessed. Whatever. Or maybe he can just see the future. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's that one. "Congratulations, Ford. You just lied and cheated your way out of prison." Only Sawyer could successfully con his way out of jail. And only Ben could con Sawyer that successfully. "Don't you read?"

s03e05 - The Cost Of Living

And season 3 marks the entrance of 5 episodes per disc. Let's hear it for blu ray! Oh yes, the Eko episode. Didn't I mention a bit ago that he would die soon?! I'm pretty sure that's coming in this episode. I wonder if that nun understands that's not how real confession works... If she doesn't then maybe she needs to go back to seminary, or whatever it's called. Oh, it's a dream recollection of memory... I was wondering why it suddenly seemed so fast-paced! I hate it when my dead brother wakes me up in the middle of the night and sets my tent on fire. I think Walt started that fire... but Billy Joel did not.

White funereal robes. I should NOT have eaten all those beef sticks after a bunch of cake. I really do love Jack when he's confident. "Alright. I'm ready when you are." Maybe they mis-underestimated Jack...  I also really like Sayid when he's dry and sarcastic. "This is fascinating." Ooo a Jack Bender directed episode! These are usually good. As further proof that the main point of this show is "redemption"... We see Eko's journey towards redemption really starting at the death of his brother. It is complete when he refuses the Smoke Monster's attempts at breaking him down, when he becomes at peace with who he is and what he has done.

"Don't mistake coincidence for fate." Eko could have easily told these thugs who he was; instead he chose not to, because he was on a path to atone for his sins. They definitely pissed off the wrong guy though! I hear Smoke Monster. Oh, it's following him. Oh crap! Eko saw me! Quick, hide the smoke!

No no no, Ben... you don't REVEAL your con mid-con. That's not how it works. Oh, he's resorted to begging. I guess that works too. Oh, touchy about his brother. Please, keep it PC. African-American markets. Oh, he doesn't plan to help these people at all! He's going to sell the vaccine and leave! Such a bad man. He will do the right thing in the end, though. I am sure of it. I'm so glad Nikki and Paulo got to come along on this trek. The beautiful bright light that Locke saw was most likely "the source" we see at the end of the series. There was definitely a bit of foreshadowing going on. Even if they didn't know exactly how they would go about it, I'm pretty sure they had that part figured out by this point.

If only this thug knew who he was threatening... If only these villagers knew how much blood has ever been spilled in churches, they wouldn't be quite so shocked at this. And of course, Paulo was in the bathroom. Woah hey! A guy with an eye patch! How exciting. Maybe that's what Elizabeth Mitchell needs on Revolution to not be quite so annoying... Lip gloss. Get that woman some lip gloss! They just trapped the kid inside the church. Oh, just because some men were killed in the church doesn't mean you can't still use it. These people have a warped sense of what sacred means. Of course he speaks to you as if you were his brother... you've taken his form, you dolt. Hello Smokey. Well, that's some exciting Eko death. Oh, ALMOST death. It won't be long though. I really feel for Nikki. I know how close she was to Eko. "He said we're next." Well that's uplifting.

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