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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 3 Unanswered Questions

A pretty solid season in all, despite the middle being a bit iffy. We saw the addition and subtraction of Nikki and Paulo, essentially proving why fans should not be allowed to play a part in the direction a show is written. We have a fantastic view of where and how the Others live, including the introduction of some great characters. We see the potential for rescue at last, and at the expense of some other beloved characters. This season in all is a great bridge between "how do we survive and get off this island" to the final three seasons of "how do we save those we love and the world"... The great difference between fighting our circumstances and finally changing them through acceptance.

And now the remaining questions this season posed that have not been directly answered within the series itself:

Season 3 Unanswered Questions

Season 3 has 101 total mysteries, 16 unanswered mysteries

Further Instructions
What happened to the commune?
- Unanswered
[We saw the police breaking up the drug production... so we can pretty much assume there was some form of disbanding or they continued on without Locke... either way, it was no longer a part of his life so we really don't need to know. It makes no difference to the story. It would be like asking what happened to the store he worked at when he met his mother... who cares?]

The Cost of Living
What happened to Yemi’s body?
- Unanswered
[Dragged off by the smoke monster? If smokey wanted to appear to Eko as Yemi, it wouldn't work so well if the body was still there for him to find. This would be good to know for sure, but I think the implication is apparent that the smoke monster had something to do with it not being there.]
Why can the monster only take the form of the dead?
- Unanswered
[I have nothing solid to infer from the show, but I can guess that it has something to do with the dead not using their form anymore. An empty shell... obviously the smoke monster doesn't use the BODY (apparent from Locke's body still existing in a box while "Locke" was wandering around the island later in the series) ... I will accept this as part of the mythology that isn't explained but just "is". Maybe it's a rule that Jacob set up for him to follow. I don't know.]

Flashes Before Your Eyes
Why is Ms. Hawking so intent on preventing the future from changing?
- Unanswered
[Personally, I think she (at first) believed the future as something people just CAN'T change... that the universe course corrects no matter what... but somewhere along the way, discovered (probably through her son's journal) that Desmond was essentially a "wild card" and had the ability to change or actively affect the future. Knowing this, it's not that she doesn't want the future from changing, so much as she doesn't want him to change it YET. If he changes things BEFORE going to the Island, he will never make it TO the Island to change things THERE. ... That's my best argument for this, and it makes sense to me.]

Stranger in a Strange Land
What happened to Cindy and the kids immediately after they were taken by the Others?
- Unanswered
[Oh who knows? Maybe they were baptized in the temple, maybe they were taken to Room 23, or maybe they were just given a hot meal and a warm bed to sleep in... While this would also be good to know, mostly to explain how and why they so easily "converted" to their cause, I guess it's not necessary to the whole of the story or they would have shown us.]
What is the significance of the mark put on Juliet?
- Unanswered
[Bad writing. This whole episode sucked.]

Enter 77
How did Mikhail lose his eye?
- Unanswered
[I'm sure it would be an interesting story to hear him tell... but I'm also sure it doesn't matter one bit.]

The Man From Tallahassee
Where is the electricity from the Barracks and other stations powered from?
- Unanswered
[This big glowing electromagnetic source from the depths of the Island? Maybe there's a hydroelectric something on the Hydra... Perhaps they have polar bears running on a giant wheel... I really don't know, but I also don't think it matters.]

Left Behind
Where did Juliet learn to fight?
- Unanswered
[Others Self-Defence Training. Or maybe she took a look at her ex-husband, needed to feel empowered a bit, and decided to take a class back in Portland. My bet is the first one... same reason she knew Latin. She's an Other. Why anyone thinks this matters to the story is beyond me. I see it as just another of fans' nitpicking at everything and putting far too much focus on the little unimportant things that the writers never felt any real focus should be placed.]

One of Us
How do the Others have resources to so much money and to Mittelos Bioscience?
- Unanswered
[This is actually a good question. I've always wondered how they gained control of the rest of Dharma's presence OFF the Island too... Perhaps Charles Widmore is a willing benefactor to their cause despite his exile from the Island.]
How can the Others cure cancer?
- Unanswered
[This is also a pretty good question and one of the few that I wish they had explained. We know that there's magic on this island, and that the Island will cure those in its favor and will not let those die that it does not wish to... but for them to promise Juliet her sister's healing and have it actually happen... It gives the implication that the Island will heal at the will of Ben, which we know is quite wrong.]
What did Sayid do in Basra?
- Unanswered
[I don't know, I don't care, and I don't know why anyone else does either. I figured it was just something he's ashamed of or something along those lines. Maybe it was something they figured they might work into a flashback at some point, but then never did but left the line there in case they ever had time for it. I don't think it changes anything one way or the other.]

What is Brother Campbell’s relationship to Ms. Hawking?
- Unanswered
[Gosh this would be nice to know... I'm sure he played some part in actively directing Desmond to his proper future, but I don't know.]

The Brig
What are the ruins and the pillar the remains of?
- Unanswered
[One of the many ancient civilizations that has at one point resided on the Island. I think it was just there to show that there has been life on this Island for a long, long time.]

The Man Behind the Curtain
What happened to Annie?
- Unanswered
[I HOPE she left the Island with the other wives/children when Professor Chang was getting everyone on to the submarine before the Incident. If not, then that means she stayed behind and eventually was purged like the rest.]

Through the Looking Glass
How and why did Walt appear to Locke?
- Unanswered
[Walt's special. As I think I mentioned in my post for that episode, I'm of the belief that was one of the "work" he had to do when Hurley and Ben picked him up in the Dharma van in "The New Man In Charge".]

Well, there you have it. A few things I really don't have a clue at, but most of them are either stupid questions that don't matter, or the answers can be pulled from the series through deduction.

If you have questions that aren't shown here, there's a huge chance they were actually answered. You can find the complete list and answers here.

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