Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Suspicion (1941)

Beefing on Hitchcock

A naive young lady falls for and marries as charming playboy, only to find out he's not as wealthy as it seemed but completely broke. She attempts to convince him into the life of a working man and to stop mooching off others and gambling, but he continuously falls back into his irresponsible way of life. As time goes on and his lies and debt become greater, she begins to suspect him of murdering his best friend and eventually believes he is trying to kill her as well.

Here we have a rather charming and enjoyable little suspense film. I suppose you could call it a romantic comedy, but at heart it's a thriller. The story does well to keep the audience as in the dark as the leading lady (Joan Fontaine), only revealing what exactly has been going on in the very last scene. Many times, it appears her suspicions will turn out to be accurate, but with such an admirable character and actor (Cary Grant) for the leading man, you can't help but hope she's wrong.

From the very start of the movie, you adore all the main characters and invest greatly in their budding romance... and by the end, you simply want everything to be explained so they can hopefully carry on with their lives together.

One of my initial thoughts upon watching this film was on how well this could be remade as a modern film, possibly a bit of a dark comedy. Unfortunately, it could also be easily ruined by today's sense of film-making... so I suppose we're lucky that it will probably never happen! But the thought was there, and if done well, would still make a very enjoyable modern picture.

In all, it stands up very well to time, and I can only say that I'm disappointed in the fact that Suspicion is not as well known in the vast array of Hitchcock films as it should be. Maybe soon we'll see a good blu ray release, even though it's really good enough that it should have been in the latest "Masterpiece" box set. The movie certainly earned that title.

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