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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 4, Disc 1

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s04e01 - The Beginning Of The End

I'm back!! Boy how it's been a while... Let's see, a wedding, moving, a honeymoon, lots of work, and a lot of Japanese action shows later and I'm still alive! I was honestly debating how I was going to fit this whole blog thing back into my newly revamped life, but then I noticed that (unlike the previous season) there are only three(3) episodes per disc instead of five(5). This is a good thing for me, because it means I can fit watching a whole disc in better... It makes the whole thing more palatable in the long run.

So now we start season four(4) of Lost. I think I'm in the quite large minority who considers these last three(3) seasons to be the best and strongest era of the show. While the first few seasons were pretty groundbreaking and set the stage and were quite great, these last seasons had a much better pace and were far better "woven" than the preceding. A lot less pointless fluff and a much more clear sense of direction. They clearly weren't just "making it up as they went along" as one could argue in season 3.

During my little rant, Hurley has crashed his car and shouted about being "one of the Oceanic Six!" ...and now he's being interrogated by Ana Lucia's ex-partner. Good old Ana Lucia. I'm sure for Hurley, being reminded about her only brings up thoughts of Libby. And the visions of Charlie persist! For those who DON'T bother to dig deeper into the show, his hand says "They need you." Good old optimistic Jack... always thinking that his little plans will work out for the best. They pretty much never do, until the very end of it all. Ben is in a panic. If Danielle is smart, she'll at least take into account how scared Ben is of Alex getting hurt. Instead, she just focuses on the fact that it's not his daughter. Okay, I got chips and dip now, so I'm better. Uh oh, Hurley just noticed Charlie is missing. And now Desmond is scared shitless of the boat people too. Minkowski. I love Fisher Stevens.

Hurley... Taking charge. Little does he know... Stay behind, Kate. Although, Kate's right for once. Lance Reddick! I can only see Broyles now. Just get it done, Agent Dunham. Up until the moment he dies on the show, I held tight to the theory that he was an older time-traveling (or time-projecting) Walt. Instead, he's just an employee of Charled Whidmore who wants to make sure time doesn't get all paradoxy on us. Aww, I love it when Sawyer gets soft-hearted and serious. The growing friendship between him and Hurley is one of my favourite aspects of these seasons. Wow, he fell behind fast. Oh look, a whispering cabin.

Now I have pickles to eat. "Better call the boat. Tell them she's getting a really big bundle of firewood." It gets me how much Ben takes beatings on this show. We find out later that he can fight pretty damn well... yet he just lets people beat the crap out of him and think that he's weak. Good line read Fisher. Sounds like you're doing a page-read audition for the scene. But she doesn't HAVE a sister!!! And she's dead. Oh good, back to the cabin. An eye! This show loves eyes. I remember not even an hour after this aired, all the screencaps comparing that eye with every actor ever on the show.

Good old Locke. And the factions meet up. Nearly everyone in one place yet again... take a few minutes for reunions and hugs etc etc... and on with the show. Oh yeah, I suppose someone should tell Claire that he sorta-boyfriend died. I think it would have gone a bit better if it hadn't been Hurley. Considering he could barely get the words out. Oh yeah, the amount of people mulling for hours over WHY Hurley was painting an igloo. What could it mean!? It HAS to mean SOMETHING!!! And yet, it really didn't. Yeah, Dave slapped Hurley too and HE wasn't real... That proves nothing. Unless Dave was actually a real person who haunted Hurley, and not JUST an imaginary friend. Has anyone had that theory yet?! Oh good, back to the sobbing. And Jack's back! "It's not loaded." I love Locke.

Oh great, Kate's back now too. No, she didn't cover for you Kate. Yeah exactly like Locke just said as I was typing that. And now for emotional resonance, a montage of Charlie dying, for those that didn't catch it or all the in-show summaries of the event before this. Yeah, we got it. He died. Not Penny's boat. Got it. SUCK IT, JACK! ...and they have split back up into mildly different groups of just about the same people.

A pre-beard Jack visiting Hurley in the mental hospital. Clearly he hasn't lost his mind yet. I also recall all the "H-O" theories. Someone compiled a list with all of the H and O references in the show. Sometimes I think people dug just a BIT too deep, but that's one of the things I loved the most about Lost. Oh, I think Hurley just kind of started Jack's downward spiral. Way to go Hugo. Oh sweet, a heliochopter... and in comes Daniel Faraday!

s04e02 - Confirmed Dead

And now a few clips from the between-season alternate reality game (ARG), "Find 815" ...I loved how they tied that in to the show. It's kind of amusing how the 4 people who get sent over to the island on the chopper were basically the 4 people from the freighter who could actually be trusted in any way shape or form. And maybe Minkowski. Jeremy Davies clearly channeled his inner Crispin Glover for this role. Ooo Ben and Locke now know that Hurley knows about the cabin. I'm fairly certain the older/taller Walt appearance was him acting on behalf of the Island AFTER the little post-show segment where Ben and Hurley re-recruited him. That was some of the work he had to do. That's my theory at least.

So Locke's asshole of a father saved his life. Good for him! I love Miles. I hated him at first, but he quickly became one of my favourite characters of the series. Yeah Kate. Where's Naomi?! Miles likes to make money. That and that he can communicate with the dead is basically all you need to know about him. He doesn't care for the drugs. Just the money. Like anyone would believe you, Kate. Ben's just trying his hardest to get the upper hand with anyone, isn't he?

One of the best and oddly more overlooked clues about the Island, when Daniel mentions that the light "doesn't scatter quite right." Jack has his moments of awesomeness that just keeps you loving him even when he does do something stupid. And Charlotte finding the remains of a Dharma Polar Bear out in the deserts of Tunisia... which is where the frozen donkey wheel sends people (and apparently polar bears) when they turn it. To me, this implies the Island has been moved before by a Dharma bear. Bombs away! And now we have Charlotte. "Hi yourself." Oh man, I love how purely sarcastic Miles is, even at gunpoint. Poor Charlotte has NO idea that they don't trust her a bit. Smart move shoving the transponder on the dog.

And another little visual clue, the plane dropping into the fish tank. Frank doesn't believe at all that that's the real plane. Haha, likely the ring fell off. Right. The Island calls people, and there really is no fighting it. "Sure, who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?" Uh oh, Ben has a gun. Good thing the hot redhead had on a bulletproof vest. So Naomi worked for Charles... That explains how she knows who Penny is.

Uh oh, Frank knows Juliet's a "native"... That can't be good. Ben doesn't know what the monster is, but he knows everything about Charlotte... including a birth date that gets changed. But that was at the insistence of the actress. Oh hey, Ben has a man on their boat. I wonder who that could be.

s04e03 - The Economist

Yeah, anyone who doesn't agree that the pacing of the show was better than the previous seasons is delusional. There's this frantic sense of urgency, just thrusting you from episode to episode. N, I'll always be with you. R.G. ... I don't think they ever explained or revealed or even really hinted at who that was, did they? Rupert Graves? Rupert Grint?! The theories I side with the most are either Captain Gault (of the freighter Gaults), or Regina who kills herself in a bit here. Regina seems quite likely, considering I don't think they really explained why she offs herself. Okay back to the show. Sayid in golf clothes is kind of funny... good to see it's not just something he's doing for the fun of it.

Thekla Reuten. I love Thekla Reuten. Madly. I might be a bit quiet during scenes with her due to drooling and not wanting to tear my eyes free from the screen. Gee, I wonder who Sayid could be working for... No way that it could ever be Ben. He would never work for Ben, so it has to be someone else. Yep. Oh look, Kate and Jack are flirting again and looking at each other with googley eyes. Well that ended fast, thank heavens.

Miles is awesome. Oh hold on, Thekla's on. She's so lovely. I don't blame Sayid for getting all caught up in her and stuff, if you know what I mean. This is some fun little sciencey stuff Daniel does here. I love the electromagnetic time bubble around the Island. Funny, that's the same exact closet that Sawyer locked Phil up in later on... or earlier? Earlier.

Juliet has brought Desmond back to the chopper. Two people who have been stuck here longer than any of our main group. Ben has himself a litle hidey hole of an office. Complete with passports and moneys. Hurley set them up. "I lost a dollar, you know." Ben is so droll. Sawyer wants to stay and "play house" and Kate wants to go back to jail. Poor Sawyer, he just wants to grow up and settle down. Kate doesn't want that at all. She never wants that. Sayid plans a hostage exchange. Good plan.

Okay, semi-nude Thekla... Hold on... Sayid put his guard down. Way down. Poor Sayid... All the women he loves die. Not usually by his own hand, but still... Maybe if he wasn't so quick to just go crazy for them, things would turn out better. Actually I'm surprised he hasn't professed his undying love for Charlotte during the walk back to the helicopter. Or maybe he has and they just didn't show it? That would explain how annoyed she looks.

Sayid and Desmond get a nice bird's eye view of the Island. Oh neat! Now we get to find out who Sayid's boss is. Again, there's no possible way it could be Ben... Oh my gosh, it's Ben! I totally never saw that coming that whole episode!!

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