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Live-Beefing LOST: Season 4, Disc 2

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched LOST, you may be confused or apathetic about the following post. Please go watch the series through at least once before bothering with my writings. Thank you.

s04e04 - Eggtown

Chips and salsa? Check. Dr Pepper? Check. Locke's eye opening? Check. I'm all set to watch some more Lost! It helps that not only is this one of my favourite eras of the show, but we have a decent slew of episodes today. "You might catch something you missed a second time around." They loved speaking directly to the audience on this show. Also, Ben is really good at calling Locke on his bluffs... also at playing him like a fiddle. Smarmy Sawyer trying to flirt with Kate... Give it up, James! She will never settle down with you. He's far too good for her, even at this point in the show. It always annoyed me how Kate shoves an N at the beginning of the phrase "Go home." This is another decent Kate episode. I'm actually more interested in her life POST-island than I ever was in flashbacks or even on the Island itself. Oh yeah, this was back when people weren't sure if the flash-forwards were going to be all the time or if some of these might be flashbacks.

Jin and Sun. That man really should never have had to apologize for anything to her... The only things he ever did wrong were brought about because of her. I bet Locke is one to get annoyed by the thought that anything other than a democracy is immediately a dictatorship. There are plenty of other forms of government, people... Monarchies, for instance. Man, Kate just can't leave well enough alone. I loved Miles from the moment he said "What did you do!?" to Kate as if he gives a damn. I seriously expected him to tell her at the end that he didn't actually know anything about her. Him? Him who?! Ooo do tell us, Lost. Her son?! OMFG. Oh wait, I don't care.

Sun used to be so much better at speaking English somewhat naturally. Not she has very very hard consonants nonstop... It's weird and kind of annoying. "You should try it sometime." Just not with MY boy-bee. Wait, but how does Kate know Jack if this is AFTER they got off the Island?!!? Oh wait, I guess that's how it works. Maybe they're a couple now!!! Oh so wonderful! Love is grand. He's lying! Why is Jack lying?!?! Maybe this is some alternate dimension where the crash happened differently!!! Does he love her!??! TELL US!!! NO?!?!?!? ROARZ!!!! Why not!?!? It must be Sawyer's baby!!

Of course Hurley picks Xanadu. She doesn't really bust Ben out, so much as she busts Miles out and brings him to Ben. But I guess that was the plan all along. Imagine how short this series would have been, and how few problems there would have been, if Kate hadn't been on the show. Also, fewer deaths. But I guess it might have been a tad boring that way. Without Kate getting into so much trouble, Jack and Locke and Sayid and all them wouldn't have anything to fix. And we all know how Jack likes having something to fix.

A Locke scolding... and banishment. She's toxic to their little community. Kate's mother is looking relatively healthy. Compared to last time we saw her, that is. She's not gonna settle down with you Sawyer. Or anyone really for that matter. She doesn't know how. Memory exercises... At least he remembered 2 cards out of 3. I can honestly say that I guessed a time bubble... We saw it already with the payload rocket thing, so it only made sense to use it again with the helicopter. I LOVE this scene with Locke and Miles and the grenade. You just don't fuck with Locke.

Wait, she's not pregnant?!? But then how did she get a son?! How much time has passed in the flash forwards?! Sawyer is spot on about Kate, and she knows it. Don't worry James, you can and will find much better. Ha! Kate staying put. Sure. Child or no child, she can't stay put. It's a compulsion for her. He must not want to see the baby because it's Sawyers. Yeah, that's definitely it. There couldn't be any other explanation. I'll give Kate one thing. She may not have much of a figure, but she can rock a pencil skirt. Aww a little blonde baby. Blonde like Sawyer. Aww and she named him Aaron, after Claire's baby! How sweet.

s04e05 - The Constant

Oh now we get to see what happens to the helicopter. This is (of course) one of (if not THE) best episodes of the series... so it's always good time to watch this. Alright, a flash either back or forwards! I really wish they would have explored the concept of consciousness-based time travel a bit more on this show. I was SO thrilled that they did this at all, really. This episode is also why I don't believe that the "flashes before his eyes" thing when the failsafe key turns was actually some form of flash or recollection or anything, so much as it was his consciousness jumping back to his own past... like in this episode... and that everything he says and does actually happened that way in its original event. He's not changing things. He's affecting them, but not changing anything. Good old Keamy. He's such a wonderful dick. I also think Desmond was in the military prison because of the events of this episode. Particularly for going AWOL later in the show.

"I'm not here. This isn't happening." Way to quote Radiohead, Des. Yay! Fisher Stevens!! I love that guy. I've been a fan of his since Short Circuit. Aware of his name since Early Edition... Great actor. "I was just on a Ferris Wheel." This episode thrilled me to no end, really.

I think I might just watch and not type. I'll type more next episode maybe.

They've used this location for a few things already... Oh look, Faraday is Crispin Glovering! Oh right, I wasn't gonna type more. Oh well. If he hasn't taught the rat to run the maze yet, but it knows now because he sent the consciousness to the future... does he even need to teach it?! Because it kind of already knows now. Now THAT is a paradox!

Absolutely love Desmond and Penny. I would have watched a show just about them. And if that scene didn't make you teary eyed, you're a monster.

s04e06 - The Other Woman

I love how they did their best to make you think Juliet was one of the Oceanic Six in this episode, by making you assume this was a flash forward... until Tom comes in. Uh oh, the freighter noobs have gone. And now, whispers... Followed by Goodwin's wife. Now, if this is actually the smoke monster, then does that mean she's really dead? Either way, I find it really hard to believe Ben actually had anything to do with those instructions. He's had no contact with the Others for quite some time... And it's a bit specific to this moment for him to have foreseen this exact situation... but then again, this is Ben we're talking about.

I liked Goodwin. He's far better than Badwin. I've waited years to make that joke. They really aren't good at lying. Kate's far too observant to fall for their lies... but not THAT observant. "You people had therapists?" Now Ben, however... Ben is observant. All it seems he ever does is observe. Oh and apparently so is Harper. Or maybe just that Goodwin and Juliet are really really bad at sneaking around. Claire, coming in with some healthy insight! She totally just blew Locke's mind. "This didn't have a number on it, did it?" Ben knows Locke's weak spots SO well. It's like he doesn't even have to try.

"The last thing he cares about is you and me... What's Ben gonna do?" Famous last words. Oh great, we get to see THIS scene again for the 47th time or something. I bet they had this scene memorized by this point. The cast could probably reenact it at the drop of a hat even now if they were asked to. Juliet's gone done and left them. Why did the subtitles spell out "thirty-six" and then have numerals for 15 and 28? That's dumb. Ben lies again. Of course he knows how Widmore knows about the Island. Everything he WANTS you to know about Charles Widmore is in that file.

Ben trying to be charming for Juliet is really quite funny. Charlotte's move is to come up behind someone and whack 'em in the head with something. Oh thank heavens they were successful. I really thought for a moment there that they'd all be gassed to death and then the show would be over.

And now, Goodwin's body in the THIRD location. That man's corpse just gets around like nothing else! Ben's a bit possessive. Jack just wanted some private smoochy time with Juliet. And our love triangle just became a square. Goodie. They really knew how to have horribly mismatched couples on this show. And now, another of my favourite Ben moments.

s04e07 - Ji Yeon

I think this is the only episode on the disc with a "previously on" segment. I like Lapidus. He's cool. Regina's reading her book upside-down. Before long she'll drown herself. Sun and Jin are discussing baby names. Maybe they should name THEIR kid Aaron as well. Everyone else is doing it. And of course Expose is on TV in the flash forward... They pull a real good one on us all with this whole flash thing this episode. I know SO many people who just couldn't wrap their minds around the "joint flashes in different directions" thing. No matter how many times you explain to them that Sun is flashing forward and Jin is flashing back, they still wouldn't accept it. I think fewer people got this episode than most any other single episode of the whole series, which is sad because it's really not that confusing. It was a twist yes, but not confusing.

Sun is really annoying these last few seasons with her incessant questions. Stop nagging everyone!! Every line Sun has this scene is a question, and her tone of voice is so aggravating. "Why would they do that?" "Where were they going?" "Why would they tell you that?" Shut up. Oh now she's harassing Daniel. "So you're here to rescue us?" Get a hobby. It just gets worse folks... by season 5 it's nothing but "Have you seen my husband?" "Where is my husband?" "Where are you taking us? Is it to my husband?" Don't get me wrong, I love Sun to death... but they wrote her into a one-note nag.

Juliet doesn't have a good bedside manner. She should learn from Jack. I think if I got into a cab and there was a panda next to me and a man shouting after me, I would ask the driver to stop. At least dump the panda out the door and go on... It's only polite. Juliet kinda sucks in this scene. And Bernard, as always, is awesome. Talk about under-used, Rose and Bernard really weren't used enough. That's one thing I would change about this show for sure.

And there goes Regina. I don't really get why we shouldn't trust the captain. The entire time he's here and alive, he really doesn't seem all that bad. And he doesn't seem to like Keamy and his band of jerks all that much, so he can't be too horrible. I think Michael was kind of mistaken on that account. Of course, blame the fake plane and dead passengers on Ben. Anyone who followed the ARG knows it was Widmore that did it, not Ben... So the captain was lied to by Widmore.

Awww and it's a baby girl. Let's name her Erin. Kevin Johnson... or Michael. Not a big shock of a reveal, really. I think most everyone knew it was him a few episodes earlier. Good to see him though, and especially good to not see him shouting "WAAAAALT!!!" at the top of his lungs. Jin is way too good for Sun and all the crap she puts him through. I don't think he minds quite so much though. I mean, look at her! Hubba. Is there a Korean word for hubba? Oh first she wants to go to Locke's camp, now she doesn't, tomorrow she does... Fickle woman changes her mind a lot. Yes, it's his... Unless it belonged to Michael from the deleted scenes and abandoned story line. Wouldn't that be a fun twist!!'

Instead, the twist they're going with is that Jin is NOT one of the Oceanic Six, and the panda was for an ambassador as a gift from Mr. Paik. I still don't get why people had such a hard time figuring that out from it being right there on screen!! They even tried claiming that he lied about only having been married two months, and that he just missed the birth of his own baby because he was running this errand.

In short, I hate people.

But not Hurley. Hurley is good people... And Jin is dead. Only not yet, because this is Lost.

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