Monday, October 08, 2018

TIMECLOCK -- Entry #5

Entry #5 - Love At First...

Upon entering, I was smacked in the face with the smell of beer and a pool cue. The pool cue hurt almost as much as the smell, so I found a table and sat down.

“What’ll you have?” asked a bored-looking waitress. She was young and gaunt, with the sunken eyes of a pharaoh. I figured she was likely hard up for money and soft down on luck. “Also, would you mind getting down off the table?”

I didn’t mind.

I sat on the booth bench, or whatever it’s called, and ordered something from the menu. My exact words were “I’d like to order something from the menu, and it doesn’t matter to me what it is!”

The waitress responded almost as exactly as I had ordered. “So what you’re saying is that you’d like me to decide for you?”


“I don’t get paid enough for this,” she retorted while crinkling up her nose in what I can only assume was disgust.

This signified the end of the conversation, and she walked away into the darkness of the bar. Satisfied with my order, I saw back to wait for my food, drink, or whatever the woman would order for me.

At that precise moment, and not any moment later, the man with the hat from before sat down on the other side of the table.

“You’d better get down from there, or a very bitter woman will come over and ask you to.”

He pondered this or something else for a moment before sitting down on the other booth bench, or whatever it’s called. I figured he didn’t want to talk to that woman any more than I did, which, for the record, wasn’t very much at all.

“I bet you’re wondering how I’ve found you,” he started. He was right. I was quite definitely wondering just that and nothing else. I wasn’t really in the mood for a lot of wondering, so I decided to limit myself to one thing at a time. In that moment, what I was wondering was how he had found me, but I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction that he was right. He was, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

It didn’t matter anyways, as he continued speaking before I could neither confirm nor deny his suspicions.

“I’ve been following you ever since you stood in the middle of the road over by the bowling alley.”

“Let’s not speak of the bowling alley,” I implored. It was still a bit of a sore topic for me, due to  all the bruises I’d sustained during all of the fighting and crying. “And while we’re on a subject, you really need to stop following me. It’s not a very good past-time, and I’m certain I am not the least bit entertaining.”

“Entertainment is not why I follow you,” he said calmly. Almost too calmly in fact, and I began to fall asleep.

My nap didn’t last very long though, because I was awoken by that nasty waitress asking the man in the what what he wanted from her.

“What do you want from me?” she asked him harshly. She struck me as a very rude woman, very rudely with the back of her hand across the back of my head. “Wake up. This isn’t a hotel.”

I knew that.

“I know that,” I said.

Ignoring me, she turned back to the man with the hat. “I suppose you want me to decide for you as well?”

“That would be wonderful!” he said with a stupid grin on his stupid face and a stupid hat on his stupid head. I think he was starting to annoy me. I think he was starting to annoy the waitress as well, because she simply walked away simply, muttering something simple under her simple breath.

She was a very complicated woman, and I think I was in love.

I couldn’t remember if the man had told me why he was following me, and by that point, I no longer cared. I had grown weary of the entire situation, and came to the very swift conclusion that the best course of action was to let the whole thing drop.

The love of my life was none too pleased with this.

“You know that I’m going to have to clean all that up, don’t you?” she asked as she brought a plate of chicken strips and barbecue sauce to the table.

It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. She seemed like the type of woman who was hard to please, and our growing relationship was already strained by us not knowing each other and her very clearly not liking me at all. I found no reason in making things worse…

“Thank you for the food.” I figured buttering her up a bit was the best course of action.

“Put that butter down and don’t change the subject.”

She was on to me.

“Hey lady,” the stupid annoying man chimed in. “Perhaps you could stop interrupting us. We have important things to discuss.”

I didn’t agree with him, both vocally or at all.

Either way, the love of my life turned in a huff and walked out of it. My life, that is. She walked out of my life as angrily as she had walked into it, which, if you have been paying as little attention as I have, was fairly extremely angrily.

I had the strong sense I would never see her ever again. Most of that came from hearing her shout back to me that she never wanted to see me ever again.

She’ll come around.